October 15, 2015

Local Civil Rights Restoration Act

The Local Civil Rights Restoration Act (LCRRA) is a model piece of legislation a local city council can adopt. The LCRRA protects the fundamental rights and liberties of law-abiding Americans to be free of arbitrary monitoring, surveillance, detention, search, or arrest by
July 6, 2014

Manufacturing Terrorists: The FBI’s Entrap & Demonize Strategy

Manufacturing “Terrori… by on Scribd Direct link is here:
July 12, 2011

Coalition Letter Urging Rejection of Extension for FBI Director Mueller

Direct link: Original document name: 2011 07 11 Hill letter re Mueller term extension.docx [wpv-post-taxonomy type=”resource-type”], [wpv-post-taxonomy type=”geo”], [wpv-post-taxonomy type=”yr”]
July 27, 2010

Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee on Attorney General Guidelines July 27, 2010

 Direct link: Original document name: July 2010 FBI Letter.pdf [wpv-post-taxonomy type=”resource-type”], [wpv-post-taxonomy type=”geo”], [wpv-post-taxonomy type=”yr”]