Suspicious Activity Reporting: State Sanctioned Racial Profiling

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An audit by the Inspector General  shows that 79% of LAPD Suspicious Activity Reports were written on non-whites.

On Tuesday September 13 at 9 AM the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition hold a press conference to expose and denounce the racial profiling and criminalization revealed through the latest LAPD Officer of Inspector General (OIG) audit of the LAPD Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) program.  The coalition’s key demand is the rescinding and dismantling of the SAR program.  The press conference will take place outside the LAPD headquarter at 100 W 1st St., LA 90012 on the corner of 1st and Main street.  Following the press conference coalition members and allies will go to the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners meeting starting at 9:30 where the OIG will release the annual audit of the LAPD SAR program.

The LAPD SAR program, part of the National SAR Initiative, was launched in March 2008 to gather, store, and share counter-terrorism intelligence information.  The OIG has conducted three audits to date since March 2013.  What has become increasingly evident with each of the three OIG audits is the high occurrence of racial profiling.  These audits clearly show that the SAR program is just another tool within the LAPD Architecture of Surveillance meant to trace, track, and monitor communities of color. The March 2013 audit showed  82% of SARs were written on non-whites with largest sample written on the Black community. The Jan 2015 audit showed 79% of SARs were written on non-whites and out of the total number of SARs sent to the Fusion Center, 30% were on the Black community and in the gender count 50% were on Black women. Now in the Sept 2016 audit again we see 79% of SARs were written on non-whites.  This shows a clear pattern of racial profiling. The Coalition has raised this issue time and time again demanding that the SAR program be rescinded but the Mayor and the LA Police Commission refuse to take meaningful action.


Please join us at 8:45 am outside the LAPD headquarter for the press conference at 9 am followed by the Police Commission meeting to speak out against this program and demand that the SAR program be rescinded and all SARs released to the public. We will not tolerate these secret programs existing in our communities. As a community we will not allow our daily lived experiences to be tracked, traced, and pathologized by deeming us criminals and terrorists. The War on Terror is yet another War on the People. We must stand up and fight back!