Stop Minnesota’s Anti-Protest Law

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January 24, 2017
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January 25, 2017

The Minnesota House of Representatives is considering HF 322, which attacks the right to protest. The bill gives cities the authority to sue protesters to recover the cost of policing demonstrations.

And it just passed out of the House Civil Law Committee, in spite overwhelming testimony against it!

The bill is a response to the public outcry after Philando Castile died at the hands of a police officer, many took to the streets to call for justice.

These lawmakers, instead of listening the people, are trying to scare them into silence.

HF 322 gives cities the authority to sue protesters to recover the costs of policing demonstrations. But the bill allows cities to decide which protesters they would and would not like to hold liable. It is most likely unconstitutional, and if passed will have a chilling effect on speech as individuals will worry if they can be sued by the government for exercising their constitutional rights.

Your state representative needs to hear from you today. Tell them to oppose HF 322!

As BORDC/DDF grassroots supporter, you are the Bill of Rights frontline of defense.