Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement

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Broadband For the People, By the People
March 5, 2015
Gagged And Censored: Justice Not Served For Drone Protester
March 9, 2015

Despite a public outcry last year, after armored vehicles rolled through the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, the Pentagon continues to ship military grade weapons and equipment to local police through its 1033 program. Police departments and police unions pressured Congress to keep the program, and President Obama came out in support of it in December (although he did admit that police could use improved training to properly use the equipment). So, although legislation to curtail the 1033 program was introduced in both the House and Senate with bi-partisan support, it passed neither chamber. This week, Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) has reintroduced the bill, the Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act,  in the House.  The bill will end the free transfers of certain aggressive military equipment to local law enforcement and ensure that all equipment can be accounted for. Take Action: Please send an email to your Representative asking them to support the bill.