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February 4, 2017
Freedom2Boycott Members Attend Lobby Night at the Maryland House of Delegates

Right to Boycott Under Attack Again in Maryland.

Once again we are facing an unconstitutional bill in Maryland that targets the right to boycott. Things are moving fast, but so are we. Our allies at Freedom2Boycott in Maryland have organized a Lobby Night  in Annapolis for Monday, February 6. I
January 8, 2017

Take Action: Oppose Sessions and Pompeo

Trump’s nominees for Attorney General (Jeff Sessions) and CIA Director (Mike Pompeo) are disastrous. They are both apologists for torture, greedy for more mass surveillance, and ready to hold all Muslims responsible for the crimes of a few. Take Action: Call
January 8, 2017

Thanks for Making Those Calls!

Thanks for calling your Senators to tell them to oppose the nominations of Jeff Sessions and Mike Pompeo. If you haven’t yet made your calls, here is the necessary information: Call your Senators, tell them to oppose the nomination of
December 29, 2016

Convert Your Outrage Into Powerful Political Action

Donald Trump has promised more surveillance, more racial profiling and “law and order,” more deportations, torture, and mass incarceration, and less freedom of religion, speech, and assembly. Like you, we are outraged. But we are converting that outrage into powerful
December 22, 2016

Purveyors of Bigotry, Suppressors of Dissent, Supporters of Torture. Meet Trump’s Cabinet Picks

Dear Troublemaker, Throughout the campaign, Donald Trump made shocking promises to create a Muslim registry, championed stop and frisk, mass deportations, and in general promised us more profiling, more surveillance, and less protections for civil liberties. He hasn’t walked back
December 14, 2016

Today is Bill of Rights Day!

Dear Troublemakers, Today is Bill of Rights day! Seventy-five years ago, President Franklin Roosevelt designated December 15 to be “ set apart as a day of mobilization for freedom and for human rights, a day of remembrance of the democratic
September 21, 2016
six people with boxes of petitions to deliver

Stop Spying on Democracy

Dear Troublemaker, No matter what our cause or where we stand on the political spectrum, when we take to the streets to raise our voices, we hope the government will listen to our demands. But we definitely don’t hope that
September 21, 2016
six people with boxes of petitions to deliver

Thank YOU for Standing Up to the FBI and Making History

88,000! That’s how many people joined you in calling on Congress to Investigate FBI and DHS political spying. Yesterday, we delivered those thousands of petition signatures, including yours, to the Senate and House Judiciary Committees in person. They were impressed!