February 28, 2019

Constitution in Crisis: February

Dear Troublemaker, ICE agents are torturing detainees in their custody. It’s no secret that conditions at ICE detention and processing facilities are deplorable. Long waits for
October 2, 2018

Constitution in Crisis :: October Newsletter

Under the United States Constitution, the power to declare war belongs exclusively to Congress. Yet, for 3 years the United States has provided support for the Saudi-led
September 4, 2018

Constitution in Crisis :: September Newsletter

Dear Troublemakers, Across the country, state legislatures have been advancing anti-protest bills and DRAD has been fighting back. The bills all clearly target certain social movements,
August 1, 2018

Constitution in Crisis :: August Newsletter

Dear Troublemakers, We are being subjected to a narrative that claims foreign operatives have amplified “divisive issues,” such as Black Lives Matter or opposition to fracking
July 2, 2018

Constitution in Crisis :: July Newsletter

Dear Troublemakers, We head into July after a rollercoaster of month. Donald Trump’s cruel policy of separating immigrant children from their families and incarcerating them sparked outrage nationwide.
June 4, 2018

Constitution in Crisis :: June Newsletter

Dear Troublemakers, Before you scroll down to look at all the great articles we published this month, I want to pause and ask if you remember Reality
May 1, 2018

Constitution in Crisis :: May Newsletter

Dear Troublemakers, Together, we’ve been fighting to hold the CIA accountable for torture for over a decade. Thank you for engaging with us in the most recent
April 2, 2018

Constitution in Crisis :: April Newsletter

Dear Troublemakers, The fact that the nomination of a known torturer to be head of the CIA hasn’t been rejected out of hand even by Democrats
March 1, 2018

Constitution in Crisis :: March Newsletter

Breaking News! Yesterday, Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Chris Murphy (D-CT) announced they were introducing a resolution to end the United States’s unconstitutional and
February 1, 2018

Constitution in Crisis :: February Newsletter

Dear Troublemakers: Every month you get this newsletter, filled with shocking accounts of the latest assaults on our right to political expression and our Bill of
January 3, 2018

Constitution in Crisis :: January Newsletter

We wish you a happy and activism-filled New Year! We can’t say we’re optimistic for this New Year, but we are determined. As we have for
November 30, 2017

Constitution in Crisis :: December Newsletter

Dear Troublemakers, If you’re reading this email, it’s safe to assume that you to rely on a free and open internet to engage in political expression
October 2, 2017

Constitution in Crisis :: October Newsletter

Dear Troublemakers, If you think you or your kids are addicted to social media, just take a look at the Department of Homeland Security. They just can’t
September 1, 2017

Constitution in Crisis :: September Newsletter

Dear Troublemaker, We don’t often ask you to donate to support our work. But today, I have to. Please Donate Now. The next several months are crucial
August 1, 2017

Constitution in Crisis :: August 2017

Dear Troublemakers When you are dedicated to defending rights and dissent, every day is a busy one. Yet, this month was particularly jam packed. Just last