Suraj K Sazawal

October 28, 2015

NYPD: Bad to Your Bones

The headlines are full of warnings about the dangers of eating hot dogs and deli meats.  But what about the risks posed by the New York Police Department’s use of secretive X-ray vans that make a mockery of the Constitution
October 23, 2015

Police Body Cams: Complaints Down, Arrests Up

The widespread call for police officers to wear body cameras to improve fraught relations between the public and police is understandable.   Proponents view body-worn cameras (BWCs) as an expedient solution amid a climate of distrust, allowing interactions with law enforcement
October 15, 2015


Is the First Amendment in need of a tune-up? A federal judge recently ruled that for-profit, booze-fueled swinger sex parties are not constitutionally protected. “The First Amendment claims [by the defendants] fail because the swingers’ activity documented in the record—namely,
September 3, 2015

When Feds Are Done Playing Dress Up, Who’s Left to Pick Up the Pieces?

Whether it’s the CIA staging a phony polio vaccination scheme in Pakistan or paid FBI informants working subterfuge in New York and California mosques, government agents frequently misappropriate identities to conduct undercover stings. Unfortunately, this duplicity jeopardizes the safety and
September 1, 2015
NYPD officers making an arrest

F*LM the Police!

Which of these are illegal for you to videotape: The president exiting the White House, a train pulling into Penn Station, or a police officer making an arrest during a traffic stop? The answer: all are legal. Taking photographs and
August 26, 2015

License Plate Readers Know Where You Go

As part of the state’s plan to fight its burgeoning heroin problem, Maryland officials announced this week it may purchase license plate reading technology for the Ocean City police department to track interstate drug carriers.  While this technology has been
August 12, 2015

Search and Seizure in a Digital World

When police copy a computer’s hard drive to investigate one crime, can they hold that information indefinitely and search it for unrelated crimes? The Second Circuit Court of Appeals will decide when it rehears the U.S. vs Ganias case in
July 28, 2015

To Be a Domestic Terrorist, Hug an Animal

Was the shooter at the Louisiana movie theatre a domestic terrorist?  What about the man who killed four marines and a sailor in Chattanooga, Tennessee?  While the debate about the motives of the people responsible for these heinous acts continue,
June 24, 2015

Look Away, Dixie!

The confederate flag hasn’t had a week this bad since April 1865. Coming just days after nine people were murdered in a historic church in Charleston, some of America’s largest retailers and even the makers of the Dukes of Hazzard’s
June 18, 2015

Keep Fear Alive

Since the time the Patriot Act sunset at the end of May, the media has reportedly widely on two allegedly lethal terrorist attacks on U.S. soil thwarted by the FBI. The first involved the killing of a 26 year old
June 16, 2015

Anti-torture Amendment Passes Senate

Coming months after the Senate Intelligence Committee’s scathing report on the CIA’s practice of detaining and torturing suspected terrorists, the Senate voted 78-21 today to pass a measure banning torture. The McCain-Feinstein amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY2016 would prohibit
June 3, 2015

Busted! FBI’s Domestic Spy Planes Exposed

The FBI admits to using low-flying aircraft to conduct surveillance over major American cities, raising new questions about the scale and purpose of domestic surveillance on law abiding citizens.  Revealed by an Associated Press investigation, the planes’ surveillance equipment is
June 2, 2015

When Will the Videos of Force-Fed Guantanamo Detainees be Released?

Disturbing videos showing a former Guantánamo detainee being forcibly fed through a tube repeatedly by U.S. military personal have not been made public despite a federal judge’s ruling that they be released.  The Obama administration, which claims the courts cannot
May 11, 2015

FERC Crackdown on Protesters Continues

As part of its efforts to discredit and undermine protestors speaking out against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, FERC moved up the date of its next open meeting to May 14.  Originally scheduled for the following week, the meeting’s date
May 8, 2015
Closed Circuit Camera and shot spotter in Washington DC

Is ShotSpotter Violating Your Fourth Amendment Rights And You Don’t Even Know?

“Don’t do me like that, Ar,” the last words of an Oakland, California man shot in the street in June 2007 were later used to convict Arlito Johnson of second-degree murder.  But the dying man’s last words weren’t overheard by