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Charlotte Police Video of Keith Scott’s Killing Released
Robert Mackey, The Intercept

This Might Be The Last Police Video From North Carolina You’ll Ever See
Max Blau and Emanuella Grinberg, CNN

Related: BORDC/DDF Calls for Immediate Release of Police Video of the Killing of Keith Lamont Scott
Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire

Hit Job: Congress Attacks Ed Snowden, Continues Ostrich-style “Oversight”
Patrick Eddington, Medium

A Walking Tour of New York’s Massive Surveillance Network
Cora Currier, The Intercept

Anti-BDS Campaign Aims to Undermine Academic Freedom and Free Speech on Palestine
Dima Khalidi, The Real News Network


“This Is a Rebellion”: A Protester Speaks From the Front Lines in Charlotte
Kelly Hayes, Truthout

White Tulsa Officer Charged with Manslaughter in Death of Unarmed Black Man
Peter Holley and Katie Zezima, Washington Post

Charlotte Police Chief Refuses to Release Dashcam Video of Officer Killing Keith Scott
Robert Mackey, The Intercept

Criminalizing Social Media? New Report Reviews Abridging Online Speech that Advocates “Terrorism”
Sarah Nelson, Dissent NewsWire

Cities Embrace Surveillance State
Steven Greenhut, Reason


Protests Erupt over Police Killings of Terence Crutcher & Keith Lamont Scott in Tulsa & Charlotte
Staff, Democracy Now!

Charlotte Protests: Governor of North Carolina Declares State of Emergency
Matthew Teague, The Guardian

Stopping Secret Police Surveillance, One City at a Time
Sue Udry, Dissent NewsWire

CNN Gives Evenhanded Consideration to Idea of Throwing Bill of Rights in Garbage
Ben Mathis-Lilley, Salon

The Assassination of Orlando Letelier and the Politics of Silence
Jon Schwarz, The Intercept

Court Rules Black Men May Be Justified in Running From Police
 Sarah Lazare, AlterNet

Evidence FBI Gathered While Running Porn Site Thrown Out Again
Alex Emmons, The Intercept


88,000 Americans Demand Congress Investigate FBI Political Spying
Staff, Dissent NewsWire

Betraying Snowden: There’s a Special Place in Journalism Hell for The Washington Post Editorial Board
Daniel Denvir, Salon

Clashes, Tear Gas, Cops Injured After ‘Disabled, Unarmed’ Black Man Shot Dead by Charlotte Police
Staff, RT

Video Shows Terence Crutcher Was Not Reaching Into Car When Shot, Lawyer Says
Robert Mackey, The Intercept

Calls to Treat Terror Suspects as “Enemy Combatants” Push U.S. Toward Totalitarianism
Staff, Democracy Now!

Suspected Terrorist Ahmad Khan Rahami’s Dad Says the FBI’s Botched Probe of His Son Made Way for Bombings
Chelsia Rose Marcus and Larry McShane, New York Daily News


Why Obama Should Pardon All Leakers and Whistleblowers — Not Just Edward Snowden
Peter Maass, The Intercept

Palestine Course at Berkeley is Reinstated After Criticisms of Violating Academic Freedom
Kasia Kovacs, Inside Higher Ed

Tulsa Police Shooting Investigated by Justice Department
Max Blau and Jason Morris, CNN

Lindsey Graham Wants NY Bomber Treated as Enemy Combatant
Vera Bergengruen, McClatchy

New Analysis Shows That Crime Isn’t Increasing — But That Chicago is Making Things Look Much Worse
Philip Bump, Washington Post


75,000 Americans Have Stood Up to the FBI. Will you Join Them?
Staff, Dissent NewsWire

WashPost Makes History: First Paper to Call for Prosecution of Its Own Source (After Accepting Pulitzer)
Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept

“We’re Freedom Fighters”: The Story of the Nationwide Prison Labor Strike
James Kilgore, Truthout

What Would Happen to NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden If He Is Tried Under the Espionage Act?
Staff, Democracy Now!

New York Police Name Ahmad Khan Rahami as Chelsea Bombing Suspect
Staff, The Guardian

When Juries Say Life and Judges Say Death
Editorial Board, New York Times

Secret Government Electronic Surveillance Documents Must Be Released, Judge Says
Jason Leopold, Vice News


Who Was Frank Wilkinson And Why is the House Science Committee Talking About Him?
Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire

The Largest Prison Strike in U.S. History Enters Its Second Week
Alice Speri, The Intercept

FBI Stops Short of Banning Agents from Posing as Journalist
Staff, Associated Press

The Trial(s) Of Harry Bridges
Chip Gibbons, Jacobin

Suspension of Controversial Palestine Class at UC Berkeley Sparks Debate
Sam Levin, The Guardian 

Related: An Open Letter to the UC Berkeley Administration Regarding Academic Freedom
UC Berkeley Students, Medium

House Intel Panel Blasts Snowden In New Report, One Day Before Movie Release
Jenna McLaughlin, The Intercept


Breaking: House votes to block Obama from releasing any more Guantanamo detainees
Karoun Demirjian, Washington Post

We Vow to Keep Fighting for Transparency and Open Government
Dissent NewsWire

The Senator Sounding The Alarm On America’s Surveillance State
Shane Dixon Kavanaugh, Vocativ

Pardon Edward Snowden
Kenneth Roth and Salil Shetty, New York Times

2011 FBI report finds “broadening U.S. military presence” responsible for rise in terror attacks
Waqas Mirza, MuckRock

Why Fellow Americans Must Reject Torture Now
Curt Goering, Huffington Post


As House Science Committee Continues its Political Probe of Environmental Groups, BORDC/DDF Joins Noted First Amendment Scholars in Opposing the Committee’s Efforts
Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire

Pro-Palestinian Group Vindicated of Anti-Semitism Charges After CUNY Probe
Sam Kestenbaum, Forward

House Intelligence Committee to Discuss Classified Report on Snowden Ahead of Movie Launch
Jenna McLaughlin, The Intercept

House Wants to Block Obama from Releasing Any More Guantanamo Detainees
Karoun Demirjian, Wasington Post

Were these College Students Targeted for Disciplinary Action Because of their Pro-Palestine Politics?
Aviva Stahl, The Nation


I was a CIA Whistleblower. Now I’m a Black Inmate. Here’s How I See American Racism
Jeffrey Sterling, The Intercept

Take Action: Congress May Tie Obama’s Hands on Guantanamo
Staff, Dissent NewsWire

Secrecy, Democracy and the TPP: Trade Transparency is What the Public Wants–and Needs
Patrice McDermott and Emily Manna, The Hill

DNA Dragnet: In Some Cities, Police Go From Stop-and-Frisk to Stop-and-Spit
Lauren Kirchner, ProPublica

Long-Secret Stingray Manuals Detail How Police Can Spy on Phones
Sam Biddle, The Intercept

ACLU and Amnesty International Will Ask President Obama to Pardon Edward Snowden
Daniel White, Time

9/12/2016 Eid Mubarak! 

Chelsea Manning Begins Hunger Strike, Demanding “Dignity and Respect” in Prison
Alex Emmons, The Intercept

North Dakota Wants to Arrest Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman for Engaging in Journalism
John Nicols, The Nation

Suspicious Activity Reporting: State Sanctioned Racial Profiling
Staff, Dissent NewsWire

Who’s Left at Guantánamo? Fates of Dozens of Prisoners Are Undecided
Cora Currier, Margot Williams The Intercept

Death Penalty is in Decline, but Problems Remain
Jim Petro, Columbus Dispatch

The FBI Accused Him of Terrorism. He Couldn’t Tie His Shoes.
Jessica Pishko, Esquire


As Prisoners Go on Strike to Defend Their Human Rights, Government Uses Bogus Terrorism Allegations In Attempt to Stifle Dissent
Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire

Revisiting the Ghosts of Attica
Tom Robbins, The Marsahll Project

Veterans Back Fight by Relative of Drone Victims: People Should Know ‘How a Screw-Up Can Lead to the Death of their Family Members
W.J. Hennigan, Los Angeles Times

Baltimore Police’s Secret Surveillance Comes to Light
Sarah Nelson, Dissent NewsWire

New Orleans Police: ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Law Was ‘Incorrectly Applied’ in First Attempted Usage
Matt Sledge, The Advocate


This Week May See the Largest Prison Strike in US History
John Washington, The Nation

Is a Prison Strike Leader Being Falsely Accused of Inciting Terrorism?
Aviva Stahl, AlterNet

Physician Who Cares for Torture Survivors: How U.S. Detains Refugee Women and Children is a Disgrace
Staff, Democracy Now!

Google Program to Deradicalize Jihadis Will Be Used for Right-Wing American Extremists Next
Naomi LaChance, The Intercept

White House Report Concludes That Bite-Mark Analysis Is Junk Science
Jordan Smith, The Intercept

Sheriff Issues Arrest Warrant for Green Party’s Jill Stein After North Dakota Oil Pipeline Protest
Ben Norton, Salon


Are Major Media Outlets Exaggerating the Story of a ‘Reformed Terrorist’ to Advance the FBI’s Disturbing Agenda?
Sarah Lazare, AlterNet

White House Considers Ending For-Profit Immigrant Detainee Centers, but Critics Say it Could Add Billions to the Cost
Brian Bennett, Los Angeles Times

Virginia Republicans’ Essentially Racist Project
Editorial Board, Washington Post

New Docs Show How the NSA Used the Iraq War to Build its Surveillance Apparatus
Jason Koebler, Motherboard

Sitting Down with a Post-9/11 Whistleblower
Ben Makuch, Vice


VIDEO: Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs and Pepper Spray
Staff, Democracy Now!

U.S. Denies Entry to former British Ambassador Craig Murray
David Swanson, Dissent NewsWire

State Lawmakers, ACLU Consider Legislation to Regulate Police Surveillance
Kevin Rector and Ian Duncan, Baltimore Sun

Will Manhattan Beach Welcome Visitors with Surveillance Cameras and Automatic License Plate Readers? How Unneighborly is That?
Joan Engelhaupt, Dissent NewsWire

Missouri Ordered to Name Supplier of Lethal Injection Drugs
Tony Rizzo, The Kansas City Star

House Freedom Caucus Should Support Justice Reform This Fall
Jason Pye and Nathan Leamer, The Hill

The NSA’s British Base at the Heart of U.S. Targeted Killing
Ryan Gallagher, The Intercept


Jury Fails to Convict Blogger Charged with Threatening to Behead FBI Agents
Scott Glover, CNN

Police are Making up Lies to Demonize the Protesters at Dakota Pipeline
George “Bear Claw” McClure, Nipmuc Connections

A Radical Idea for Sentencing Terrorism Suspects
Milton J. Valencia, Boston Globe

“Officer-Involved” Obfuscation
John Patrick Leary, Jacobin

New Mexico Passed a Law Ending Civil Forfeiture. Albuquerque Ignored It, and Now It’s Getting Sued
C.J. Ciaramella, Reason


The FBI’s Secret War
Branko Marcetic, Jacobin

Congressional Democrats Call on FBI to Investigate Their Political Adversaries’ Kremlin Ties
Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept

For Nine Years, DEA Withholds Names of Masked Agents Who Violently Raided Two Innocent Women. Federal Court Shrugs.
Radley Balko, Washington Post

Torture Allegations Won’t Derail Military Trial
Jack Bouboushian, Courthouse News Service

Why Baltimore’s Covert Spy Plane Program Is a Major Battleground for Privacy and Free Speech
Carl Messineo, Alternet

Is Blogging About Beheading FBI Agents a Criminal Threat or Free Speech?
Scott Glover, CNN


Bill Headed to Governor’s Desk in California that Chills Speech
Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire

FBI Documents Don’t Back Up Claimed Threat To Execution Drug Supplier
Chris McDaniel, Buzzfeed

‘Pre-Search’ Is Coming to U.S. Policing
Jim Harper, Reason

Appeals Court Says Guantánamo Tribunal in USS Cole Attack Can Decide When War Began
Sam Hananel, Associated Press

FBI director: ‘There is No Such Thing as Absolute Privacy in America’
Patrick Howell O’Neill, The Daily Dot


67 Organizations Urge Justice Dept. to Improve Data Collection Mandate on Deaths in Police Custody
Staff, Dissent NewsWire

Beating a Dead Horse
Editors, Jacobin

NSA ‘Cyber Weapons’ Leak Shows How Agency Prizes Online Surveillance Over Online Security
Andrea Castillo, Reason

Lengthy Gap In Texas Executions To Continue As State Court Halts Yet Another
Tasneem Nashrulla, Chris Geidner, and Chris McDaniel Buzzfeed

Public Defender to Police: Suspend Use of Surveillance Plane
Staff, Associated Press

FBI’s Massive Porn Sting Puts Internet Privacy in Crossfire
Mike Carter, Seattle Times

Homeland Security to Review Privatized Immigration Detention
Nolan D. McCaskill, Politico


Retweet This: CBP’s Plan to Ask Visitors to the US Their Social Media Identifiers Is a Bad Idea
Staff, Dissent NewsWire

Sheriff’s Raid to Find Blogger Who Criticized Him Was Unconstitutional, Court Rules
Naomi LaChance, The Intercept 

The Sneaky Program to Spy on Baltimore From Above
Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic 

Guards, Staff Outnumber Captives 33 to 1 at Guantanamo Prison
Carol Rosenberg, Miami Herald

U.S. Military Now Says ISIS Leader Was Held in Notorious Abu Ghraib Prison
Joshua Eaton, The Intercept

Here’s What It’s Like To Be A Black Cop In Baltimore
Albert Samaha, BuzzFeed


NYPD Broke the Rules Over and Over Again, Investigation Finds
Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire

Use of Local Foundation Allowed Baltimore Police Surveillance Project to Remain Secret
Justin Fenton and Doug Donovan, Baltimore Sun

FBI’s Don’t Be a Puppet Game Targets Muslim Youth, Teachers’ Union Says
Mazin Sidahmed, The Guardian

Startup Manipulated iPhone to Allow Government Spying, Report Says
Robert McMillan, Wall Street Journal

Jeff Wood’s Stay of Execution Casts More Doubt on the Texas Death Machine
Jordan Smith, The Intercept


The Pentagon’s Use of FOIA is Flawed. Now it Wants to Make it Even Stricter.
Dan Lamothe, The Washington Post

Unlike This: Social Media Companies Bow to Government Censorship Requests
Sue Udry, Dissent NewsWire

Word Games: What the NSA Means by “Targeted” Surveillance Under Section 702
Cindy Cohn,  Electronic Frontier Foundation

Baltimore Police Secretly Running Aerial Mass-Surveillance Eye in the Sky
Jay Stanley, American Civil Liberties Union

“Deadly Heat” in U.S. Prisons Is Killing Inmates and Spawning Lawsuits
Alice Speri, The Intercept

Ray Kelly Incensed Over de Blasio’s Surveillance Criticism
Tina Moore, New York Post


New York Police Broke Surveillance Rules After 9/11, Inquiry Finds
Al Baker and Rick Rojas, The New York Times

FBI Authorized Informants To Break the Law 22,800 Times in 4 Years
Dell Cameron & Patrick Howell O’Neill, The Daily Dot

Civil Rights Groups Defend Mosque, Cemetery Outside Atlanta
Staff, AP

A Rare Glimpse of Abu Zubaydah 14 Years After First CIA Torture Session
Margot Williams, The Intercept

On Private Federal Prisons, a Victory for Independent Journalism
Katrina vanden Heuvel, Washington Post


‘My Husband May Die’ in a Colorado Prison, Says Wife of CIA Whistleblower
Corey Hutchins, The Colorado Independent

Chelsea Found Guilty of Absurd Infractions, but Spared Solitary Confinement
Staff, Chelsea Manning Support Network

“Dangerous Precedent for Free Speech”: NJ Gov. Chris Christie Signs Law Punishing Boycotts of Israel
Ben Norton, Salon

Documents Confirm CIA Censorship of Guantánamo Trials
Mattathias Schwartz, The Intercept

Baltimore Terminates Contract with Government Lawyer Accused of Past Neo-Nazi Ties
Tom Jackman, The Washington Post

A Second Snowden at the NSA? Here’s What We Know
Jeff John Roberts, Fortune


Most Americans Support Trials or Release for Guantanamo Detainees
Peter Moore, YouGov

Can Big Data Stop Bad Cops?
Kimbriell Kelly, Washington Post 

The Justice Department is Done With Private Prisons. Will ICE Drop Them Too?
Alice Speri, The Intercept

A Shocking Story of How a Chicago Cop Killed a Teen — Then Locked Up His Best Friend for the Murder
Staff, Democracy Now!

Rattling the Bars: U.S. Prison Strikes
Eddie Conway, The Real News Network

ACLU’s Principal Technologist Reacts to NSA Hack with the Perfect Tweet About Apple/FBI Battle
Ben Lovejoy, 9to5 Mac


“First as Tragedy, Then As Farce” Donald Trump’s Plan to Police Political Views of Immigrants Hardly Original
Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire

Twitter Says it Shut Down More than 235,000 Accounts Promoting Terrorism Since February
Ellen Nakashima, Washington Post

The Problem With The DOJ’s Decision To Stop Using Private Prisons
Aviva Shen, ThinkProgress

The NSA Was Hacked, Snowden Documents Confirm
Sam Biddle, The Intercept 


Donald Trump Proposes Banning Immigrants Based on Ideology, But Bush and Obama Got There First
Alex Emmons, The Intercept

Pentagon Issues First Update To Domestic Surveillance Guidelines In 35 Years, Not All Of It Good
Tim Cushing, TechDirt

Yes, He Can Close Guantanamo Bay – but Obama Wasted the Best Chance to Do it Years Ago
Rupert Cornwell, The Independent 

Anti-Muslim Policies Are Already in Place – Trump Just Makes It Explicit in Rhetoric
Jaisal Noor, Alternet

Muslim Family Sues New York School, Alleging Forced ‘Terrorist’ Confession
Joseph Ax, Reuters


Why BORDC/DDF is Joining the Campaign to Exonerate Ethel Rosenberg: The evidence Just Didn’t Add Up
Staff, Dissent Newswire

Trump’s Call for More Aggressive Material Support Prosecution
Robert Chesney, Lawfare

Did Federal Agents Spy on Offshore Oil Lease Protesters in New Orleans?
Sue Sturgis, Truthout

Civil Liberties Groups Ask FCC to Probe Baltimore Police Use of Cellphone Tracking Devices
Ellen Nakashima, Washington Post

Latest NSA hack might reveal ugly side of US spying, Snowden says
Jose Pagliery, CNN Money


Is Angela Corey the Cruelest Prosecutor in America?
Jessica Pishko, The Nation

US Transfers 15 Guantánamo Detainees in Largest Single Release Under Obama
Spencer Ackerman, The Guardian 

“This is the Madness They Spark”: Uprising in Milwaukee After Police Kill 23-Year-Old Black Man
Staff, Democracy Now!

The Baltimore PD’s Race Biase Extends to High-Tech Spying, Too
Brian Barrett, Wired

Why Milwaukee Erupted
Staff, The Reals News Network


US Targeted Killing Rules Conflate Legality and Politics
Marjorie Cohn, Truthout

Police Union Conference in Baltimore After Scathing Report Prompts Protest
Staff, The Real News Network

The Raid: In Bungled Spying Operation, NSA Targeted Pro-Democracy Campaigner
Ryan Gallagher & Nick Hager, The Intercept

I’m a Judge and I Think Criminal Court Is Horrifying
Hon. Shelley C. Chapman, Marshall Project

Guantanamo Up Close
Staff, NPR

Feds Debate Releasing Clinton’s FBI Interview
Josh Gerstein, Politico


Civil Rights Leaders Express Outrage Over FBI Student Profiling Program
Dissent NewsWire

Trump Says He’d Consider Trying U.S. Terror Suspects in Military Tribunals
Tom Hamburger, Washington Post

Obama is Planning to Rescind the Ban on Military Grade Weapons to Police
Glen Ford, The Real News Network

Mass Surveillance Isn’t Colorblind
Sandra Fulton, Toward Freedom

U.S. Government Using Gang Databases to Deport Undocumented Immigrants
Ali Winston, The Intercept

Chicago Police Sued for Attacking Muslim Woman, Stripping Her of Headscarf
Abigail Hauslohner and Kristine Guerra, Washington Post


Over 115,00 People Tell the Army to Drop New Charges Against Chelsea Manning
Sue Udry, Dissent NewsWire

DOJ Finds Baltimore Police Routinely Violate Black Residents Constitutional Rights
Staff, The Real News Network

TSA PreCheck: The Risk of the Reward
 Suraj K Sazawal, Dissent NewsWire

New NYPD Commissioner’s Focus on Community Policing Is a Distraction, Not a Solution
Alice Speri, The Intercept

Muslims Sue Sterling Heights After City Rejected Mosque
Niraj Warikoo, Detroit Free Press

Iraqi Insurgents Stymied the NSA and Other Highlights From 263 Internal Agency Reports
Margot Williams, Micah Lee, The Intercept

Mike Pence Hints at Trump’s Muslim Ban Extending to Other Religions
Ashley Parker, The New York Times


Here’s the Internal Presentation the FBI Uses to Train Surveillance Pilots
Joseph Cox, Motherboard

Are There Any Limits on Obama’s Drone War, Really?
Marcy Wheeler, New Republic

The Freedom of Information Act Was Just Amended. Here’s What Changed—And Didn’t.
Jonathan Bruno, Jurist

Justice Department report: Baltimore police routinely violated civil rights
Del Quentin Wilber and Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun

Mayor, Harrisburg council schedule meeting in wake of police-involved killing
Wesley Robinson, PennLive

Harrisburg community comes together for meeting after fatal police shooting: Recap
Christine Vendel, PennLive


FBI Agent Goaded Garland Shooter to “Tear Up Texas,” Raising New Alarms About Bureau’s Methods
Murtaza Hussain, The InterceptHere’s How the FBI Justified Spying on Black Lives Matter
Kristen V. Brown, FusionFlying While Muslim is Not a Crime
Editorial Board, Washington PostFISA Court Says FBI Must Review Its NSL Gag Orders Every Three Years, Rather Than Almost Never
Tim Cushing, Tech DirtHandcuffed While Dying: Police Killing of Black Teenager Paul O’Neal Sparks Protests in Chicago
Staff, Democracy Now!


The Repression Lists
Chip Gibbons, Jacobin

U.S. Releases Procedures for Approving Strikes Against Terror Suspects
Merrit Kennedy, NPR

Spying’s New Frontier: Private Firm Collects Data on ‘Every American Adult’
Nadia Prupis, CommonDreams

Are letters from 9/11 defendents communication or propaganda?
Carol Rosenberg, Miami Herald

The tyranny of a traffic ticket
German Lopez, Vox

Chicago police shooting video release reflects change in policy, not policing
Dan Hinkel et al, Chiicago Tribune

2 Jailers Moved into Policing Jobs After Bland’s Death
Nomaan Merchant, AP

How the CIA Spooked Hollywood Movies
Tircia Jenkins, Newsweek


FBI Agent Apparently Egged on ‘Draw Muhammad’ Shooter
Katie Zavadski, The Daily Beast

Guantanamo parole board clears 34th detainee
Carol Rosenberg, Miami Herald

Body Camera Scorecard Reveals Nationwide Failure to Promote Transparency and Accountability
Matthew Feeney, CATO Institute

Outstanding Issues: A Yemeni Teenager’s Trip to Estonia, by Way of Guantánamo
Charlie Savage, New York Times

FBI releases ‘complete collection’ of surveillance videos from Baltimore protests, unrest
Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun

Utah SWAT stats show militarized tactics used less, but still overwhelmingly for drug crimes
Radley Balko, The Washington Post


18-Year-Old Arrested on Terrorism Charges Is Mentally “Like a Child”
Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept

Is the BDS Movement Facing New Challenges in the US?
Alex Kane, Al Jazeera

So, How’d That “Freedom of Assembly” Go at the National Political Conventions?
Staff, Dissent NewsWire

The American Soldiers Who Tortured in Bush’s Wars Are Starting to Write About It
Hannah Gold, AlterNet

Democrats Seem to Want to Forget Obama’s Role in Our Surveillance State
Scott Shackford, Reason

Maine Sheriff Investigating Whether Muslim Protesters’ Rights Were Violated with Release of Booking Photos
Dialynn Dwyer, Boston.com 


What The Republican and Democratic Party Platforms Say About Civil Liberties
Sarah Nelson, Dissent NewsWire

Amid City Hall Protests, NYPD Chief Bill Bratton Resigns, But “Broken Windows” Continues Nationwide
Staff, Democracy Now!

Battling Big Brother & The Man; The Surveillance State & Protester’s Rights
*****Featuring BORDC/DDF’s own Chip Gibbons****
Ellen Goldfield, Occupy.com

Half of Guantanamo’s Uncharged Captives Are OK’d to Go
Carol Rosenberg, Miami Herald

Jeff Wood Didn’t Kill Anyone, but Texas Is About to Execute Him Anyway
Jordan Smith, The Intercept

Movement For Black Lives Releases a Political Agenda That Stretches Far Beyond Police Violence
Janae Bonsu & Montague Simmons, The Real News Network


Never Forget, Chelsea Manning is a Prisoner of Conscience
Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire

Your Battery Status is Being Used to Track You Online
Alex Hern, The Guardian

Countering Islamophobia Workshop
Sue Udry, Dissent NewsWire

Privacy Activists Launch Database to Track Global Sales of Surveillance Tech
Joseph Cox, Motherboard

Mike Pence’s Statement on Khan Family Reveals a Problem With How Politicians View Muslims
Sarah Harvard, Mic

Sometimes it Takes an Outsider to Crystallize America’s Enduring Racism
Max Bearak, Washington Post


Documents Reveal FBI Monitored Holocaust Survivor Hedy Epstein’s Activism
Sarah Lazare, AlterNet

Target of Contested National Security Letter Was a Muslim the FBI Wanted to Turn Informant
Jenna McLaughlin, The Intercept

Bulletproof Warrior Shot Down
Staff, Dissent NewsWire

Fact-Checking the Democrats
Staff, The Marshall Project

Rhetoric and Reality at the RNC
Staff, The Marshall Project

Joe McCarthy was Brought Down by Attacks on His Decency. Trump will Lose the Same Way
Harold Pollack, Washington Post

Guess what? You can be a Muslim American and Oppose Misguided Wars
Moustafa Bayoumi, The Guardian


Chelsea Manning Faces New Charges, Indefinite Solitary Confinement, Related to Suicide Attempt
Staff, Dissent NewsWire

Mosby: ‘Inherent Bias’ of Justice System Thwarted Prosecution
Staff, The Real News Network

Seven Arrested After Breaching Perimeter Fence at DNC
Gregory Krieg and Madison Park, CNN

NSA Surveillance Compliance Reports Show Typos, Lack Of Communication Resulting In Erroneous Targeting And Collection
Tim Cushing, TechDirt

UN Special Rapporteur: US Falls Short on the Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and of Association
Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire

NSA Whistleblowers Doubt DNC’s Claim of Russian Role in Damaging E-mail Leaks
Joe Wolverton II, The New American 

US Government Finally Pays Family of Italian Aid Worker Killed in Drone Strike
Cora Currier, The Intercept


How the Philadelphia Police Chilled Out About Protesters
Jake Blumgart, Slate

DNC Ignores Muslims’ Objections, Gives Michael Bloomberg Starring Role at Convention
Zaid Jilani, Alex Emmons, The Intercept

NLRB Upholds Union’s Right To Endorse BDS Against Israel
Alex Kane, In These Times

In Secret Battle, Surveillance Court Reined in FBI Use of Information Obtained From Phone Calls
Jenna McLaughlin, The Intercept

LAPD Sued for Withholding Records About ‘Muslim Mapping’ Plan
Jason Kandel, NBC Los Angeles

The NYPD Is Already a Small Army—Now It Is Hyping Terror Threats to Militarize Even More
Sarah Lazare, AlterNet

Post reporter barred, patted down by police, at rally for Trump running mate
Paul Farhi, Washington Post


Freddie Gray Case: Charges Against Three Remaining Officers Dropped
Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun

Thousands of Black Lives Matter Activists Protest During the DNC
Staff, The Real News Network

If Russian Intelligence Did Hack the DNC, the NSA Would Know, Snowden Says
Robert Mackey, The Intercept

Bill Clinton’s Lapse Into Trumpism
Peter Beinart, The Atlantic

My Mother Was the Victim of a U.S. Drone
Rafeequl Rehman, Time

Why Obama Has Failed to Close Guantánamo
Connie Bruck, The New Yorker


This FBI Tactic May Have Silenced GOP Convention Protesters in Cleveland
AJ Vicens, Mother Jones

teleSUR Host Abby Martin Released After Violent Arrest at DNC
Staff, teleSURE

The FBI’s Using Lousy Software to Derail FOIA Requests, Suit Claims
Davey Alba, Wired

Do Black Kids Matter in Memphis?
Liliana Segura, The Intercept

Guantánamo Judge: 9/11 Prosecutor’s Proposed Trial Evidence is So Far Inadequate
Carol Rosenberg, Miami Herald


Did Philly Police Just Admit They Are Spying On Protesters?
Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire

DNC Steps off in Philadelphia With Huge Protests, High Temps
Geoof Mulvihill and Megan Trimble, ABC News

9/11 Defense Lawyers: Judge Let U.S. Secretly Destroy CIA ‘Black Site’ Evidence
Carol Rosenberg, Miami Herald

The Man Chronicling Insane Clown Posse and Why the FBI Is Spying on Juggalos
Mitchell Sunderland, VICE

Kansas Attorney General Sues to Get Guantanamo Bay Records
John Hanna & Jim Salter, AP 


Continued FBI Harassment During RNC and Aggressive Police Tactics By Law Enforcement During Demonstrations
Sue Udry, Dissent NewsWire

Cop Shoots Caretaker of Autistic Man Playing in the Street with Toy Truck
Charles Rabin, Miami Herald

Snowden Designs a Device to Warn You if Your Phone’s Radios Are Snitching
Andy Greenberg, Wired

In Cleveland, Lonely Protesters Marched Through Empty Streets
Alice Speri, The Intercept 

Man Who Fought to Make Flag-Burning Legal Arrested After Flag-Burning at RNC
Ben Norton, Salon

Gitmo Defender Says Judge Helped Destroy Evidence
Britain Eakin, Courthouse News Service


Black Activists Occupy Police Union Offices in NYC & D.C., Demand End to Protection for Brutal Cops
Staff, Democracy Now!

Man arrested at RNC protest set U.S. flag burning precedent
Eric Heisig, Cleveland.com

Guantanamo Bay Memoirist is Cleared for Release
Adam Goldman and Julie Tate, Washington Post

Battling Convention
Kris Hermes, Jacobin

Rudy Giuliani Brags About Treating All Muslims Like Criminal Suspects
Alex Emmons, The Intercept

How CIA’S Database of Protests and Protesters Led to A Pentagon Riot
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As Baltimore’s Police Union Attacks Reform Efforts, The ACLU Fights Back
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Cleveland Police Swarm Protestors Brandishing Tennis Balls
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Third Officer Acquitted in Freddie Gray Death, But Activists Convicted for Protesting Killing
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The Dangers of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Programs
Alice LoCicero, PhD and J. Wesley Boyd M.D., Ph.D., Psychology Today

GOP Convention Rallies Produce a Bewildering Array of Ideologues
Joel Achenbach, Louisa Loveluck and Wesley Lowery, Washington Post

Taking on America’s Prison Profiteers
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Government Requests For Google User Data Hit A Record High In 2015
Jelani James, Tech Times

Say cheese: Here’s Where Police Surveillance Cameras Are Located in Minneapolis and St. Paul
Peter Callaghan & Greta Kaul, MinnPost


Federal Agents Went Undercover To Spy on Anti-Fracking Movement, Emails Reveal
Lee Fang, Steve Horn, The Intercept

Meet the RNC Activists Questioned by Authorities Ahead of This Week’s Convention
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Mass Arrests, Mistreatment of Protesters in Baltimore
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How My 72-Year-Old Dad Got Arrested At Protest Against Police Brutality
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Despite Acquittals of Officers Charged in the Death of Freddie Gray, Victims of Brutality Vow to Fight On
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How Protesters at the RNC Can Protect Themselves From Digital Surveillance
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Pre-Snowden Whistleblower Explains How NSA Got ‘Unleashed’ To Spy On Everyone
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Would Turkey Be Justified in Kidnapping or Drone-Killing the Turkish Cleric in Pennsylvania?
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Freddie Gray Case: Judge Acquits Lt. Brian Rice of All Charges
Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun

Feds Monitoring Activists on Facebook Ahead of Republican Convention
Cora Currier, The Intercept‎

A Civil Start to Protests, but Cleveland Is Bracing for Worse
Yamiche Alcindor and Alan Rappeprt, The New York Times

City Denies Sanders Presidential Campaign a Rally Permit – But Says He Can Reapply
Robert Moran, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Congress Releases Long-Classified ‘28 pages’ on Alleged Saudi Ties to 9/11
Karen DeYoung, Karoun Demirjian and Adam Goldman, Washington Post

Police: 65 Arrested after Blocking Baltimore Expressway During Protest
Justin George, The Baltimore Sun 


FBI Targets Black Lives Matter Activists… Again
Staff, Dissent NewsWire

A Victory for the Fourth Amendment
Suraj K Sazawal, Dissent NewsWire

Judge to Rule on Lawsuit Accusing NSA of Spying on Everyone in SLC During 2002 Olympics
Ben Winslow, Fox 13

Newt Gingrich: Test Every Muslim in U.S. to See if They Believe in Sharia
Sophie Tatum, CNN

Ex-Seattle Police Chief Defends Citizens Filming Cops: It’s 100% Lawful for an American to Do It
Staff, Democracy Now!

Obama’s Interogation Methods
Ali Watkins and Aram Roston, Buzzfeed

7/14/16--Happy Bastille Day!

BORDC/DDF Raises Concerns to UN Special Rapporteur About Law Enforcement Infiltration of Political and Religious Groups
Staff, Dissent NewsWire

Police Arrest, Detain Air Force Vet for 26 Hours After He Posted Alton Sterling Shooting Video
Staff, Democracy Now!

Empty Cells and Hotels: Cleveland Takes Stock Before the Convention Comes to Town
Mary Jordan and Wesley Lowery, Washington Post

A History of Lynching
Dr. Lawrence Brown, The Real News Network

Black Lives Matter Demonstrators Rope off LAPD HQ with Crime Scene Tape After City Hall Sit-In
James Queally, Los Angeles Times

New House Coalition Fights Rise in Government Surveillance
Erin Kelly, USA Today

CIA Head Suggests He’ll Quit if Demanded to Return to Waterboarding
Julian Hattem, The Hill


FBI Greenlights Crackdown on Black Lives Matter Protesters
Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, Alternet

After Dallas Shootings, Police Arrest People for Criticizing Cops on Facebook and Twitter
Naomi LaChance, The Intercept

Seattle Utility Company Under Fire for Secret FBI Surveillance Camera Network
Suraj K Sazawal, Dissent NewsWire

The FBI Has Quietly Gathered 400,000 Iris Scans
Time Chester, Mashable

Former Black Panther Wins Settlement and Reprieve from Solitary Confinement
Renee Feltz, The Guardian

In first, U.S. Judge Throws Out Cell Phone ‘Stingray’ Evidence
Nate Raymond, Reuters

What To Expect When You’re Protesting: An Activist Guide To The RNC & DNC
Nathan Tempey, Gothamist


How Supreme Court Opened The Door For Racist Profiling
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Images of Militarized Police in Baton Rouge Draw Global Attention
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Recap: Panel Discussion on Social Movements and the Surveillance State
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Police Killings Spark Nationwide Protests, Hundreds Arrested
Kali Akuno, The Real News Network

Lofgren and Poe Launch Bi-Partisan 4th Amendment Congressional Caucus
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Don’t Wait for Another ’68
National Lawyers Guild, Motion to Resist


NO #BrowserSpying National Day of Actiton
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Legal Experts Raise Alarm over Shocking Use of ‘Killer Robot’ in Dallas
Nadia Prupis, Common Dreams

Accessing People’s Browser History Is Almost Like Spying on Their Thoughts
Sen. Ron Wyden and Sen. Martin Heinrich

Reminder: You Have the Right to Remain Silent
Staff, Dissent NewsWire

This is How the CIA’s First Captive After 9/11 Described His Years of Torture
Jason Leopold, Vice News

A Single Photo From Baton Rouge That’s Hard to Forget
Yoni Appelbaum, The Atlantic

NSA Labels Linux Journal Readers and Tor and Tails Users as Extremists
David Palmer, Digital Trends

U.S. Sends Yemeni Guantanamo Inmate to Italy, 78 Detainees Left
Arshad Mohammed, Reuters


In Less Than 48 Hours, Police Killed Two African-American Men
Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire

Hundreds March From White House to US Capitol in Protest of Police Shootings
Shomari Stone, NBC 4 Washington

Protests Spread to Cities Nationwide Over This Week’s Police Shootings
Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times

Activist: Organizing Local Communities is the Only Way to End Police Killings
Staff, The Real News Network

FBI Entrapment Issue Dominates Hearing as ‘Christmas Tree Bomber’ Appeals to the 9th
Nick McCann, Courthouse News Service

FBI Attempts to Question LA Activist
Staff, Fight Back! News

Instead of Closing Guantanamo, the US Invests in Expansion
Staff, teleSUR English


Murderers With Badges, Licensed to Kill: Nation Reels from Alton Sterling’s Death at Hands of Police
Staff, Democracy Now!

Aftermath of Fatal Falcon Heights Officer-Involved Shooting Captured on Video
Pat Pheifer and Claude Peck, Minneapolis Star Tribune 

Civil Rights Groups Move to Expose Government Spying on Black Lives Matter
Brandon Ellington Patterson, Mother Jones

Federal Court Hears Long Overdue Arguments Over 2008 Surveillance Law
Alex Emmons, The Intercept

What if Hillary Clinton Were a Whistleblower?
John Kiriakou, Reader Supported News

Cops Force Student to Be a Snitch—Found Him With a Bullet in His Head and Rocks in His Backpack
Matt Agorist, Alternet

H. Clinton and Ed Snowden: Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others
Juan Cole, Informed Comment

Chelsea Manning’s Legal Team Responds to Unconfirmed Rumors About Her Hospitalization
Statement, Chelsea Manning Support Network


The FBI Is Not Worthy of the Public’s Trust
Sue Udry, Dissent NewsWire

Washington Has Been Obsessed With Punishing Secrecy Violations — until Hillary Clinton
Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept

To Be Black is To Be Surveilled
Brandi Collins, Medium

What Role Will Body Cameras Play in Policing RNC Protests in Cleveland?
Sarah Nelson, Dissent NewsWire

A Man Burned The Flag And Got Arrested, Which Is Clearly Unconstitutional
Cristian Farias, Huffington Post

Happy Birthday FOIA! Thanks for the Files!
Sue Udry, Dissent NewsWire

US Border Control Wants to Monitor Travelers’ Social Media Accounts
Julie M. Rodriguez, Truthout


Manzoor Cheema Receives July 2016 Patriot Award
Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire

Like a Plague of Locusts, FBI Agents Are Poised to Spread Across the Country
Sue Udry, Dissent NewsWire

How a Muslim advocacy group in Florida is doing what the government has so far failed to do
Abigail Hauslohner, The Washington Post

Secret Rules Make It Easy for the FBI to Spy on Journalists
Crispian Balmer, The Wire

House Homeland Security Committee proposes encryption debate commission
Michael Heller, TechTarget

Wikileaks Publishes Clinton War Emails
Tim Devaney, The Hill

National Coalition Launches Clemency Campaigns
Sue Udry, Dissent NewsWire


Leaked FBI documents reveal secret rules for spying on journalists with National Security Letters
Trevor Timm, Boing Boing

Obama just made it much easier for the public to access government records
Jason Leopold, Vice News

Countering Violent Extremism—End Government Extremism
Bruce Fein, Huffington Post

The court’s leading carceral critic: Why Sonia Sotomayor dissented on gun ban for domestic abusers
Daniel Denvir, Salon

Feds And Cops Encountered Encryption in Only 13 Wiretaps in 2015
Lorenzo Francheschi-Bicchierai, Motherboard

Generals urge GOP, Dems to reject torture in party platforms
Rebecca Kheel, The Hill

An Alternative to the Madness of Proving Police Injustice
Vann R. Newkirk II, The Atlantic


Predictive Policing: Gazing Into Law Enforcement’s Crystal Ball, Suraj Sazawal, Dissent NewsWire

The Rapid Rise of Federal Surveillance Drones Over America, Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic

What Happens When the Surveillance State Becomes an Affordable Gadget? Robert Kolker,Bloomberg Business

Trying (and Trying) to get Records from the ‘Most Transparent Administration’ Ever, Justin Elliott, ProPublica

Apple: Government ‘intended to smear’ us in digital privacy fight with FBI, Danny Yadron,The Guardian


Apple: ‘FBI could force us to turn on iPhone cameras and microphones’, Samuel Gibbs, The Guardian

Senate Intel encryption bill could come next week, Cory Bennett, The Hill

Loretta Lynch: Illegal immigrant toddlers shouldn’t have to represent themselves in court, Andrea Noble,  Washington Times

Lynch: DOJ won’t be proposing encryption legislation, Katie Bo Williams, The Hill

Obama claimed to want transparency. His actions suggest the opposite, Trevor Timm, The Guardian


“Activism is Not Terrorism”: Rights groups call on Congress to investigate the FBI and DHS for surveillance of activists, Ben Norton, Salon 

45 years After Cointelpro, FBI Still Thinks ‘Dissent is the Enemy’, Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams

Interview with Chip Gibbons on FBI & DHS spying on Activists, Eddie Conway, The Real News

FBI quietly changes its privacy rules for accessing NSA data on Americans, Spencer Ackerman, The Guardian

Keep Fear Alive, Kade Crockford, Baffler

Shall We Be Released?, Dana Goldstein, American Prospect


Congress Must Tell the FBI and DHS: Activist is Not Terrorism, BORDC/DDF

60 Groups Demand Investigation of Spying on Political Groups, Popular Resistance

Reminder: You Should Care About Mass Surveillance, Even if You’ve Done Nothing Wrong, John Reed, Just Security

The FBI vs. Apple Debate Just Got Less White, Jenna McLaughlin, The Intercept

The Surveillance of Blackness: From the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade to Contemporary Surveillance Technologies, Claudia Barcia-Rojas, Truthout


How the FBI Polices Dissent and Why It Matters in the Encryption Debate, Chip Gibbons, Truthout

New Film Delves into FBI Arrests of Youths for Terrorism Crimes They Might Commit, Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept

How the Melissa Click case highlights tensions around police body-cam footage, Deron Lee, Columbia Journalism Review

Probable cause: Pursuing drungs and guns on scant evidence, D.C. police sometimes raid wrong homes — terrifying the innocent, John Sullivan, Derek Hawkins and Pietro Lombardi, The Washington Post and NYPD Conducted 180 Impropoer Home Searches in Just Under 6 Years, Joe DeLessio, New York

DoD Use of Domestic Drones Complies with Law, IG Says, Steven Aftergood, FAS

Authorities in Apple-FBI case ‘risk unlocking Pandora’s Box’ – UN human rights chief, UN News Centre

Gerald Ford White House Altered Rockefeller Commission Report in 1975: Removed Section on CIA Assassination Plots, John Prados and Arturo Jimenez-Bacardi, National Security Archive


The FBI Has a New Plan to Spy on High School Students Across the Country, Sarah Lazare, Alternet

Department of Justice and Twitter Clash Over Disclosure of Surveillance Orders, Jacob Gershman, The Wall Street Journal

Tech Giants Agree: The FBI’s Case Against Apple is a Joke, Brian Barrett, Wired

Burr’s CIA torture cover-up makes America less safe, less respected, Larry Wilkerson, The Charlotte Observer

NSA Is Mysteriously Absent From FBI-Apple Fight, Jenna McLaughlin, The Intercept


What do we know about police body cameras? Survey says: Not much, Tom Jackman, The Washington Post

Why We Should Teach About the FBI’s War on the Civil Rights Movement, Ursula Wolfe-Rocca, Common Dreams

Officer faces murder charges in Greg Gunn shooting, Josh Moon, Montgomery Advertiser

Utah Senate narrowly votes to abolish death penalty, Mark Berman, The Washington Post

Police accountability takes center stage in Cook County State’s Attorney race, Deborah L. Shelton, The Chicago Reporter

Federal Law Criminalizes Protesting Trump Now That He’s Guarded by Secret Service, Robert Mackey, The Intercept

Maryland appeals court rules against cell-phone surveillance device, AP

Your bus may be spying on you, Chris Matyszczyk, C|net

Top GOP senator backs encryption commission bill, Cory Bennett, The Hill

Take Action: Say NO to Encryption Backdoors for Government Agents


Oakland Privacy Activist Brian Hofer Receives March 2016 Patriot Award, Susan Gaissert,Dissent NewsWire

Congressman Suggests FBI Is Taking Advantage of San Bernardino Tragedy to Push Agenda, Jenna McLaughlin, The Intercept

FBI director: Victory in the fight with Apple could set a prededent, lead to more requests, Mark Berman and Ellen Nakashima, The Washington Post

Congress showed it’s willing to fight the FBI on encryption. Finally., Trevor Timm, The Guardian

On whistleblowers and secrecy: What author Barry Eisler said to a room of ex-intelligence officers, Barry Eisler, boingboing

Our personal security is our national security, Nuala O’Connor, The Hill

What does science tell us abut the so-called Ferguson effect? Scott E. Wolfe, Scott H. Decker and David C. Pyrooz, Quillette

Lookout Cleveland! Organizers Ready to Rock the RNC, Sue Udry, Dissent NewsWire


The technology at the heart of the Apple-FBI debate, explained, Christopher Soghoian, The Washington Post

Judge rules in favor of Apple in key case involving a (different) locked iPhone, Ellen Nakashima, The Washington Post

Experts:iPhone unlikely to hold many clues, David Perera, Politico

Salt Lake police battle rock throwers after shooting, Alison Young, USA Today

The Broken System of Classifying Government Documents, Abbe David Lowell, The New York Times

FixFOIAby50 gains momentum, Adam Marshall, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press


Four Years After Trayvon Martin: Work Left Undone, Aprill O. Turner, Ebony

Mother Demands DOJ Investigate Police Killing of India Kager, John Zangas, DCMedia Group

Obama Administration Set to Expand Sharing of Data That N.S.A. Intercepts, Charlie Savage, The New York Times

A ‘Draconian’ System Where the Innocent Plead Guilty, Adam Wisnieski, The Crime Report

Comic: The FBI’s Decrypted Device Files, Brian McFadden, The New York Times

This 43-tweet story explains how black kids are treated by America’s criminal justice system, Patrick Hogan, Fusion

Leaked! Details Of The New Congressional Commission To Take On The Encryption Issue, Mike Masnick, Techdirt

Sensenbrenner, Jackson Lee ask FBI to end secrecy pacts over Stingray tracking, Burce Vielmetti, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


CVE Programs Want Teachers, Health Care Providers and Social Workers To Be Informants, Suraj Sazawal, Dissent NewsWire

Highlights From Our Justice Talk On Predictive Policing, Pedro Burgos, The Marshall Project

The 8 Most Popular Types of ‘Copaganda’: How the Police Play the Media, Adam Johnson,Alternet

Partial Victory for Rasmea Odeh in Sixth Circuit: What the Ruling Means, Chip Gibbons,Dissent NewsWire

Microsoft ‘wholeheartedly’ supports Apple in FBI encryption case, Chris Welch, The Verge

FBI admits Apple encryption case could set legal precedent, Spencer Ackerman and Sam Thielman, The Guardian


Albert Woodfox and the Case Against Solitary Confinement, David Cole, The New Yorker

Boston police cast a veil on warrants, uses for cellphone trackers, Shawn Musgrave, New England Center for Investigative Reporting

In Boston, Los Angeles and Minneapolis, Federal Anti-Terror Programs Stoke Community Interest and Criticism, Mila Koumpilova, Star Tribune

Feds Must Match Body Camera Rhetoric With Action, Matthew Feeney, Forbes

Governmetn enlists tech giants to fight ISIS messaging, Jim Acosta, CNN

Lawmakers pitch encryption compromise, Cory Bennett, The Hill


FBI is Shamelessly Exploiting Islamophobia and Fear of Terrorism to Gain Encryption Backdoor, Dissent NewsWire

Court: No First Amendment right to videorecord police unless you are challenging the police at the time, Eugene Volokh, The Washington Post

Unjust: How the Broken Criminal Justice System Fails LGBT People, Center for American Progress and Movement Advancement Project

Debtors’ Prison in 21st-Century America, Whitney Benns and Blake Strode, The Atlantic

A matter of black and white? Two fake guns, two different outcomes, Chris Graves, Cincinnati.com

U.S. Marshals secretly tracked 6,000 cellphones, Brad Heath, USA Today

Groups Ask Obama to Remove Discriminatory Travel Ban, Dissent NewsWire

U.S. to Further Scour Social Media Use of Visa and Asylum Seekers, Ron Nixon, The New York Times

U.S. Military White Paper Describes Wearing Hijab as “Passive Terrorism”, Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept


Protests Planned Across US to Back Apple in Battle With FBI, ABC News

Breaking: Obama’s Plan To Close Guantanamo Angers Both Repbulicans and Human Rights Groups, Jessica Schulberg, Huffington Post

How a Former Black Panther Could Change the Rules of Solitary Confinement, Victoria Law, The Nation

FBI Says Apple Court Order Is Narrow, But Other Law Enforcers Hungry to Exploit It, Jenna McLaughlin, The Intercept

Mark Zuckerberg ‘sympathetic’ with Apple over FBI but ‘we’ll help government’, The Guardian

Apple Not the Only Company Facing Feds on Tech Issues, Josh Lipton, CNBC

Who Sets the Rules of the Privacy and Security Game? Jennifer Granick, Just Security


Albert Woodfox speaks after 43 years in solitary confinement: ‘I would not let them drive me insane’, Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

Analysis: Did Ferguson inflate the cost of federal consent decree? Stepthen Deere, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Police in six Souther California counties have shot more than 2,000 suspects since 2004. ONly one officer was prosecuted – and he was acquitted, Jack Dolan, Los Angeles Times

The Informant and the Filmmakers, Mattathaias Schwartz, The New York Times Magazine

What You Need To Know About Predictive Policing, Blair Hickman, The Marshall Project

The Dangerous All Writs Act Precedent in the Apple Encryption Case, Amy Davidson, The New Yorker

FBI vs Apple: Defining Our Constitutional Future, Mark Weinstein, HuffPost Tech


How Fear Leads to Fascism: The Japanese-American Internment in WWII, Susan Gaissert, Dissent NewsWire

“I Feel Like a Despised Insect”: Coming of Age Under Surveillance in New York, Jeanne Theoharis, The Intercept

Apple Likely to Invoke Free-Speech Rights in Encryption Fight, Reuters

A Black Police Officer’s Fight Against the N.Y.P.D., Saki Knafo, The New York Times

State’s highest court intervenes in Freddie Gray case, halting trials pending review, Kevin Rector and Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun


Tim Cook: FBI backdoor order is ‘chilling’ and ‘dangerous’, Matt Brian, Engadget

N.S.A. Gets Less Web Data Than Believed, Report Suggests, Charlie Savage, The New York Times

Review finds Guantanamo prisoner was ‘low-ranking’ militant, AP

The History of State Repression Against Radical Social Movements, Jared Ball, The Real News

D.C. Circuit Quietly Set to Hear Major National Security Appeals, Steve Vladeck,Just Security

Watch a Video From “Mariposa and the Saint,” a New Play About Solitary Confinement, Alysia Santo, The Marshall Project


The FBI and Occupy: The Surveillance and Supression of Occupy Wall Street, Susan Gaissert, Dissent NewsWire

Administration denies playing ‘shell game’ with spy programs, Julian Hattem, The Hill

Creepy Portraits Made With Even Creepier Surveillance Tech, Laura Mallonee, Wired

Not So Securus: Part 2, Jordan Smith and Micah Lee, The Intercept

Guide to the Presidential Candidates’ National Security Positions, John Reed and Steve Valdeck, Just Security

“Truth and Power”: TV series features Will Potter on “eco-terrorism,” ag-gag laws, and investigative journalismGreen is the New Red


FBI’s “Don’t Be a Puppet” Website Illustrates Why the Countering Violent Extremism Program is Such a Problem. Example 1: the goat., Sue Udry, Dissent NewsWire

How Do Police-Worn Body Camera Programs Actually Work, Brynne O’Neal, Brennan Center for Justice

Kentucky Viagra Law? Men Seeking Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Must Bring Wife’s Note, Lawmaker Proposes, Elizabeth Whitman, International Business Times

How the REAL ID Act is Creating a National ID Database, PapersPlease

Justice Anontin Scalia, RIP, Tim Lynch, CATO At Liberty

Why Liberals Lovet to Hate Scalia: He Said the Worst Things in the Most Intriguing Ways, Dahlia Lithwick, Slate

Justice Antonin Scalia and the ‘Dead’ Constitution, Bruce Allen Murphy, The New York Times


The FBI made a very confusin game about preventing terrorism, Rich McCormick, The Verge

Lawsuit demands information on shadowy “countering violent extremism” programs in U.S., Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept

The NYPD Is Using Fake Cellphone Towers To Track People’s Phones, Nathan Tempey, Gothamist

Bringing Native American Stories to a National Audience, Jon Marcus, NiemanReports

NYPD Officer Peter Liang found guilty of manslaughter in fatal shooting of Akai Gurley in Brooklyn housing development, Thomas Tracy, Christina Carrega-Woodby, et al, Daily News

The NSA’s Credibility Takes Another Hit, Kevin Drum, Mother Jones


House Republicans eye potential lawsuit on Gitmo transfers, Lauren French, Politico

Obama, American Muslims and our Constitutional Duplicity, Patrick Eddington, Huffington Post

Alberto Gonzales: Justice system wrongs too many, Alberto Gonzales, USA Today

The CIA Corrected Its Own Corrections Of The Torture Report Without Telling Anyone, Ali Watkins, BuzzFeed

DOJ sues Ferguson after council votes to revise consent decree, Stephen Deere, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Law would curb police grand jury privileges in Ga., Brad Scharde, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Court Says 10 Weeks of Warrantless Surveillance is Perfectly Constitutional, Tim Cushing, TechDirt and Metaphysical Fourth Amendment question: how long could a tiny ATF agent sit atop a telephone pole? Jonathan Witmer-Rich,  PrawfsBlawg

Why African-Americas don’t trust the courts, and why it matters, Sara Sternberg Greene, The Marshall Project


Marylanders travel Across the State to Advocate for Free Speech, Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire 

Surveillance Is Still About Power, Jeffrey Vagle, Just Security

Leak Reveals Denver Police Use Undercover ‘Shadow Teams’ To Target Protest Leaders, Kit O’Connell, Mint Press

Photos show what crime looks like before it happens, Ana Swanson, Washington Post

The internet of things: how your t.v., car and toys could spy on you, Sam Thielman, The Guardian and U.S. intelligence chief: we might use the internet of things to spy on you, Trevor Timm, The Guardian

Wyden hammers CIA chief over Senate spying, Katie Bo Williams, The Hill

Feguson suggests changes, potententially undermining consent decree, Stephen Deere, Kristen Taketa, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Bill Would Ban State Efforts to Weaken Encryption, Jenna McLaughlin, The Intercept


White House reveals plan to bolster American cybersecurity, Sara Sorcher, Christian Science Monitor

McCain pushes for encryption legislation in fight against ISIS, Katie Bo Williams, The Hill

Does Predictive Policing Lead to More Police in Black Communities? Readers React, Maurice Chammah, The Marshall Project

FBI terrorism informant from Minnesota: ‘Go  after the recruiters’, Tom Lyden, Fox9

Officer Peter Liang, on Stand, Breaks Down as He Recalls Brooklyn Killing, Sarah Maslin Nir, New York Times

CISA is the beginning of a very long cybersecurity fight, Greg Otto, FedScoop


A new report shows limits of police body cameras, Radley Balko, Washington Post

The Guantanamo in New York You’re Not Allowed to Know About, Arun Kundnani, The Intercept

FBI Steps Up Pursuit of Terror Threats on Social Media, Dan Frosch, WSJ

Editorial: Tech firms like Apple and Google are right about encryption, The Denver Post

Leaked police files contain guarantees that disceplinary records will be kept secret, George Joseph, The Guardian

Is DOJ Rethinking Material Support Laws and Domestic Terrorism? Susan Hennessey, LawFare


We welcome President Obama’s words in his Mosque visit. Now we need actions, Imam Khalid Latif and Linda Sarsour, The Guardian

I’m a Muslim, not a terrorist. So why did the NYPD spy on me for years?, Mohammad Elshinawy, The Washington Post

Attorneys Challenge Unconstitutional Conviction of Ziyad Yaghi, Muslim Legal Fund of America

Questions Congress Should Ask About Section 702, Neema Singh Guliani, Just Security

Guantanamo prosecutor defends retroactive censorship of public hearing in 9/11 case, Carol Rosenberg, Miami Herald

The British want to come to America – with wiretap orders and search warrants, Ellen Nakashima and Andrea Peterson, The Washington Post

Secretive government surveillance flights common over Massachusetts, Karen Anderson, Kevin Rothstein, WCBV5


An Unprecedented Threat to Privacy, Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic

VICE News Reveals the Terrorism Blacklist Secretly Wielding Power Over the Lives of Millions, Namir Shabibi and Ben Bryant, ViceNews

Why Did the Government Prosecute This Original NSA Whistleblower?, Richard Pollock, the Daily Caller

The rise of the Sagebrush sheriffs, Jonathan Thompson, High Country News

The Trials of Aaron Swartz, Ava Kofman, The Nation

Citizenfour Director Laura Poitras’ Whitney Exhibit Exposes NSA Surveillance From A New Perspective, Jonathan Keats, Forbes

What’s Up With Anti-BDS Legislation? Dissent NewsWire


NYPD triples the strength of their pepper spray because the old stuff didn’t hurt enough,  John Vibes, Free Thought Project

Policing the Future, Maurice Chammah, Mark Hansen, The Marshall Project

My First Police Stop, Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, The New York Times

National Security Agency plans major reorganization, Ellen Nakashima, The Washington Post

Cryptopanic and James Comey’s Xanatos Gambit, Julian Sanchez, JustSecurity


New Technologies Give Government Ample Means to Track Suspects, Study Finds, David E. Sanger, The New York Times

Is Law Enforcement “Going Dark” Because of Encryption? Hardly, Says New Report, Jenna McLaughlin, The Intercept

FBI attempts to question Tampa activist, Tom Burke, Fight Back News

Black Lives Matter Activists Were Shackled in Jail at Christmas for Closing the 405, Hillel Aron, LA Weekly

UN Experts Catalogue Seemingly Endless List of Racial Discrimination in the US, Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams

Quiz: When Is it Okay to Quote Scripture When the Death Penalty is At Stake?, Maurice Chammah, The Marshall Project

Audio: CPR started 11 minutes after staff found Gynnya McMillen, Graham Kates, CBS News

Outside groups push Senate to undo new visa restrictions, Jordain Carney, The Hill


Judge rules FBI unlawfully refused to comply with information act requests, Sam Thielman, The Guardian

Families in Fear: The Atlanta Immigration Raids, Southern Poverty Law Center

Police chiefs consider dramatic reforms to officer tactics, training to prevent so many shootings, Wesley Lowery, Washington Post

Why proposed state bans on phone encryption are moronic, Andy Greenberg, Slate

Warrantless stingray case finally arrives before federal appellate judges, Cyrus Farivar, Ars Technica

“Eyewash”: How the CIA decieves its own employees about operations (and the Inspector General, Congress and us),  Greg Miller and Adam Goldman, Washington Post


America’s Muddled Approach to Fighting ISIS, Patrick Eddington, Just Security

The StingRay’s tale, The Economist

Top senator: Encryption bill may ‘do more harm than good’, Cory Bennett, The Hill

‘Nothing happens to the police’: forced confessions go unpunished in Chicago, Sarah Macaraeg, Yana Kunichoff, The Guardian

Chicago Police Hid Mics, Destroyed Dashcams To Block Audio, Records Show, Mark Konkol, Paul Biasco, DNAInfo|Chicago

Kasich: Shut Up and Let Your Political Masters Secretly Decide How to Break Your Encryption!, Scott Shackford, Reason.com

Floridians! Take Action: Protect Free Speech in FloridaBORDC/DDF Action Alert


Mother of accused Milwaukee massacre plotter says FBI led son astray, Ellen Gabler,Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Details of FBI Stings, AP

The Way Forward for Surveillance Reform Can Balance Human Rights and Government Needs, Judith Lichtenberg, Just Security

As Court Shields Drone War, Will Obama’s ‘Kill List’ Ever See Daylight? Sarah Lazare,Alternet

The ‘politics of fear’ is hurting human rights around the world, report says, Ishaan Tharoor,Washington Post

Challenge to Military Spying on Anti-War Groups Gains Support of Grassroots and Legal Groups, Dissent NewsWire

New York Anti-BDS Bill Would Limit Freedom of Speech for Any Critics of US Allies, Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire


There Are Practically No Juveniles in Federal Prison, Here’s Why, Beth Schwartzapfel, The Marshall Project

Court slaps down effort to FOIA Obama’s list of drone targets, Mario Trujilo, The Hill

What It’s Like to Be Trapped in an Experimental Unit Within a US Prison, Center for Constitutional Rights

Big Decision Time For Business As Privacy and Cyber Security Collide Again, Richard Levick, Forbes

Ethics charges filed against DOJ lawyer who blew the whistle on Bush-era surveillance, David Kravets, ArsTechnica

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Sikh Americans are not Muslims, but they still suffer from Islamophobia Since San Bernardino attacks, there have been several reports of threats, violence against religious minority, Haya El Nasser, Aljazeera America

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9/11 judge shields Guantánamo captive’s ‘misogynistic rant’ about female guards from public record, Carol Rosenberg, Miami Herald

TSA may stop accepting drivers’ licenses from nine states, Joe Mullin,ArsTechnica

Report: Less segregation (solitary confinement) working well, Tracy Harmon, The Pueblo Chieftain


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Denver judge dismisses charges against jury nullification activists Case caused legal battles in federal and state court, Noelle Phillips, Denver Post

Why Is the FBI Obsessed With This Portland Imam and His Mosque?, Zoë Carpenter, The Nation


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‘Star Wars’ Premier: Security Force Awakens… Random Searches in Hollywood,TMZ 

Witnesses Testify at Homan Square Hearing in Chicago, Zach Stafford, The Guardian

Mistrial declared in trial of Officer William Porter in death of Freddie Gray, Justin Fenton, Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun

New York State Agrees to Overhaul Solitary Confinement in Prisons, Michael Schwirtz, Michael Winerip, The New York Times

LAPD found no bias in all 1,356 complaints filed against officers, Kate Mather,Los Angeles Times

A Guide to the N.C.I.S. Investigative Report, Christopher Drew, Nicholas Kulish,The New York Times

Transfers Could Reduce Guantánamo Detainees to 90, Charlie Savage, The New York Times


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Backslash: Anti-surveillance gadgets for protesters, Joshua Kopstein,ArsTechnica

Former national secuirty officials urge government to embrace rise of encryption, Ellen Nakashima, Washington Post

Congress Drops All Pretense: Quietly Turns CISA Into A Full On Surveillance Bill, Mike Masnick, TechDirt


May I Have Some Bill of Rights, Please? Fulfilling the Promise of the Bill of Rights on Bill of Rights Day, Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire

Here Are the Politicians Pushing Silicon Valley to Loosen Encryption and Fight ISIS on Social Media, Noah Kulwin & Dawn Chmielewski, Re/Code

Alabama Detention Center Receives Authorization to Force-Feed Hunger Striker, Ending #FreedomGiving Protest, Tina Vasquez, RH Reality Check

Why Did it Take the Feds So Long to Probe Chicago Cops?, Simone Weichselbaum, The Marshall Project

L.A. lawmaker has ‘sticker shock’ over possible staffing costs for LAPD body cameras, David Zahniser and Kate Mather, Los Angeles Times

Jury Acquits the Only Cop Who Faced Charges After a Drug Raid Maimed a Toddler, Jacob Sullum,Reason

DOJ will investigate July death of Darrius Stewart, an unarmed, black 19-year-old shot by police in Memphis, Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post


Encryption Vs. Surveillance In The New Civil Rights Movement, Abi Hassen,Truthout

Tale of two Baltimores: why Freddie Gray protester may face tougher sentence than officer on trial, Baynard Woods, The Guardian

Shaker Aamer: ‘Guantanamo Is Built on How to Destroy a Human Being’, Alastair Jamieson, NBC News

A Missouri town demands substantive due process, George Will, Washington Post

Whose University? Criminalizing Student Organizing on Campus, Jadaliyya

Appeals Court Stands By Decision to Allow Lawsuit Against High-Level Bush Officials for Post-9/11 Abuses, Jen Nessel, Dissent NewsWire

Oakland and Berkeley to Address Key Privacy and Police Accountability Measures,Dissent NewsWire


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Weakening encryption won’t solve ‘going dark,’ so why does the FBI want it?Daily Dot, Robyn Greene

Dead Informants Highlight The Drug War’s Cruel Chain of Betrayel, Forbes, Jacob Sullum

Why do we freak out about terrorism, anyway? Here’s why we shouldn’t.,Washington Post, Paul Waldman

Anit-BDS funding stipulation sparks legal fight at UCLA, Mondoweiss, Alex Kane

People with mental illness 16 times more likely to be killed by police, USA Today, Liz Szabo

On Human Rights Day, One Year On: No Apology and No Accountability for US TortureJust Security, Meg Satterthwaite


Frankenstein Cyber Bill Emerges From Secret NegotiationsDissent NewsWire, Sue Udry

One Vigil, divisible, with liberty and justice for some, Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition, Thomas Nephew

Nicholas Merrill Overturns National Security Letter Gag Order, Dissent NewsWire, Susan Gaissert

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One Year After the Senate Torture Report, No One’s Read it and it Might Be Destroyed, The Intercept, Murtaza Hussain

A reminder: Terrorists want us to be terrorized, Washington Post, Radley Balko

Weak encryption won’t defeat terrorists – but it will enable hackers, The Guardian, Trevor Timm

In response to petition, White House will meet with encryption advocates, USA Today,  Gregory Korte


Danger: Trump’s Muslim Ban Makes Obama Seem Reasonable on CVEDissent NewsWire, Sue Udry

US Senate considers law ​forcing Twitter and Facebook to report ‘terrorist activity’, The Verge, James Vincent

Cy Vance’s Proposal to Backdoor Encrypted Devices Is Riddled With Vulnerabilities, Just Security, Robyn Greene

Debate over interrogations reignitesThe Hill, Julian Hattem

Government Suspected Of Wanting CIA Torture Report To Remain SecretNPR, David Welna

Court mulls FBI mosque surveillancePolitico, Josh Gerstein

FBI admits it uses stingrays, zero-day exploitsArs Technica, Dan Goodin

ISIS and the ‘Internet Radicalization’ TropeThe Atlantic, Kathy Gilsinan


Take Action: Sign the Petition to Stop the FBI’s “Don’t Be a Puppet” Website, Dissent NewsWire, Sue Udry

Congress wants to strip all privacy protections out of CISA “cybersecurity” billBoingBoing, Cory Doctorow

Terrorists Mock Bids to End Use of Social Media, The New York Times, Nicole Perlroth and Mike Isaac

‘Khan Is Gone’: New Details Emerge About the US Blogger Killed in a CIA Drone Strike, Vice News, Jason Leopold

Torture becoming key issue in presidential campaign, San Francisco Chronicle, Bob Egelko

Black Lives Matter Takes Aim at Police-Union Contracts, The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf

Confidential Informants, 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl

Nobody is Quite Sure Who is Managing Guantanamo’s Secrets, BuzzFeedNews, Ali Watkins

Marco Rubio Leaks that the Phone Dragnet Has Expanded to “A Large Number of Companies”EmptyWheel, Marcy Wheeler


It’s messed up for Democrats to use the no-fly list to push for gun laws, The Guardian, Trevor Timm

Donald Trump and Chris Christie Square Off Over Racial Profiling, New York Times, Patrick Healy

Force-Feeding at Guantánamo, New York Times, Sarah Dougherty

Inspector General’s Report: Still Lots Of Problems At DOJ Agencies, Who I Now Have To Ask For Permission To See DocumentsTechDirt, Tim Cushing

Shootings sharpen debate on U.S. electronic surveillance powers, Reuters

The Attorney General on speech that ‘edges towards violence’ and ‘acts of anti-Muslim hatred, including rhetoric’, The Washington Post, Eugene Volokh


Proposed SFPD Body Camera Policy Remains Deeply Flawed, Dissent NewsWire, Ed Harris

Spies who ruin us: Agents performing warrantless searches are the hallmark of totalitarianism, Fox News, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

GOP presidential candidates voice growing support for torture, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow

Cruz: ‘America Does Not Need Torture to Protect Ourselves’, The Weekly Standard, Michael Warren

Patriot Act author warns EU against dragnet response to terror, Politico, Benjamin Oreskes

NSA ‘reform’: Fewer phone records, but data flow continuesInfoWorld, Caroline Craig

O’Reilly And NYPD’s Ray Kelly Hype NYPD’s Failed Muslim Surveillance Program To Combat TerrorismMedia Matters, Nick Fernandez


Frustrated in Efforts to Close Guantanamo Prison, Officials Look to Reduce Population, New York Times, Charlie Savage

Scapegoating refugees is not the answer, The Hill, Reps. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) and Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.)

Republican unveils new bill to stall NSA reforms, The Hill, Jullilan Hattem

Gag Order Gone, Secrets of a National Security Letter Are Revealed, FrontLine, Priyanka Boghani

How Dangerous is Terrorism?, KPFA, podcast

Live Updates: Police Trial in Freddie Gray Death, Washington Post, John Woodrow Cox


Constitution in Crisis: December Newsletter, BORDC/DDF

Mayor Hodges calls for end to Black Lives Matter encampment, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Erin Golden and Libor Jany

The US Postal Service is Spying on Us, Reader Supported News, John Kiriakou

Terrorism in Our Own Backyard: The Fight Against Homegrown Threats, The TakeAway, John Hockenberry (audio)

Mistakenly profiled Guantanamo ‘forever prisoner’ seeks release, Miami Herald, Carol Rosenberg

Specter of Drones Firing Tear Gas on Crowds Worries Human Rights Group, The Intercept, Jenna McLaughlin

US: CIA Torture is Unfinished Business, Human Rights Watch


Rasmea Odeh Named December 2015 Patriot Award Winner, Dissent NewsWire, Chip Gibbons

Urban Warfare and Surveillance in Berkeley, Dissent NewsWire, Sue Udry

How Responsible is the (Pro-Life or Black Lives Matter) Movement for (the Planned Parenthood Shooting or Cop Killings)? Using criminal actions to discredit broader movements is toxic, and will probably be used against you too. Reason, Ed Krayewski

The Terrorists Among Us. Forget Syria. The most dangerous religious extremists are migrants from North and South Carolina., Slate, William Saletan

Laquan McDonald and the ‘System’, New York Times, Charles Blow

Cover-Up in Chicago, New York Times, Editorial

Let’s Not Whitewash George W. Bush’s Actual, Heinous Record on Muslims in the U.S., The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald

Bulk Collection Under Section 215 Has Ended….What Next?, Just Security, Faiza Patel

Scope of Secretive FBI National Security Letters Revealed by First Lifted Gag Order, The Intercept, Jenna McLaughlin


Current Body Camera Guidelines for Police Insufficient, Dissent NewsWire, Katy Li

Colorado Mayor: Clinic shootings appear to be domestic terrorism, The Hill, Kyle Balluck

“They’re Being Tortured”: U.S. Ally Accused of Abusing ISIS Prisoners, The Daily Beast, Shane Harris and Nancy A. Youssef

How a little know, Uber-driving freelancer brought the lawsuit that forced Chicago to turn over police shooting video, Columbia Journalism Review, Jeremy Bordan

Chicago Protesters Take Over Michigan Ave. on Black Friday Over Laquan McDonald Shooting, Mic, Jessica Eggert

Cleveland police shooting of Tamir Rice unjustified, experts conclude, NY Daily News, Graham Rayman and Rich Schapiro

“Don’t Be A Puppet”: New FBI Tool Targets Young People, Dissent NewsWire, Talha Sabri


Tighter Lid on Records Threatens to Weaken Government WatchdogsNew York Times, Eric Lichtblau

Our Reaction to Terrorism Is More Dangerous Than the Terrorists, Foreign Policy, David Rothkopf

How Chicago Tried to Cover Up a Police Execution, Chicago Reporter, Curtis Black

Nashville Police Training Includes Lessons in Civil Rights History, Christian Science Monitor, Lucas L. Johnson II

After Coverup Fails, Chicago Cop Charged With Murder of Laquan McDonald, Shadow Proof, Kevin Gosztola

Protestors March One Year After the Police Killing of Akai GurleyWaging Nonviolence, Ashoka Jegroo


“Refugees Are Welcome Here”– Local Resolutions Fight Islamophobia, Dissent NewsWire, Chip Gibbons

North Carolina’s Mean-Spirited LawDissent NewsWire, Susan Gaissart

The Encryption Debate Isn’t Taking A Thanksgiving Break, Tech Crunch, Cat Zakrzewski

On the eve of bulk phone data collection’s expiration, a Paris-inspired bid to revive it, The Washington Post, Karoun Demirjian – WP

Protesters Block Chicago Streets Over Video of Laquan McDonald’s Killing, NBC News, M. Alex Johnson

Finally….. At long last, without further ado: Feds will track police shootings.,Daily Kos, xxdr zombiexx

The Government Should Stop Rewarding Bad Policies for Police Body Cameras,Just Security, Jake Laperruque

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North Carolina’s Mean-Spirited Law, Dissent NewsWire, Susan Guissart

How Police Became Part of the Public School System and How to Get Them Out,Truthout, GS Potter

Chicago cop enters court to face criminal charges, Chicago Sun-Times, Micahel Sneed

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The Course of Least Resistance: Ignoring the Lessons of History in Responding to ISIS, Just Security, David Cole

Choice between security and liberty a false one, CNN, David Medine

Appeals Court Rules Memos on Targeted Killings Can Stay Classified, New York Times, Charlie Savage

A Practical Guide To The Encryption Debate: A Failure Of Analysis Not Encryption,Forbes, Kalev Leetaru

A Look At Americas Convoluted Web of Terror Watch Lists, BuzzFeed, Jim Dalrympl II

Lois Wessel on refugee resolution: “offering them what others offered my mother”, MoCoCivilRights, Thomas Nephew


Take Action: Don’t let fear turn into hate and repression, BORDC/DDF Action Alert

The FBI’s “Going Dark” Problem: What You Need to Know, Dissent NewsWire, Sue Udry

History, Hysteria, and Syrian Refugees, Just Security, Jaya Ramji-Nogales

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Chicago Set for Protests Over Shooting by the Police, New York Times, Monica Davey and Mitch Smith

Register special report: How jailhouse informants and the ‘snitch tank’ put Orange County justice system in turmoil, Orange County Register, David Ferrell and Tony Saavedra

Let Syrian refugees come, Chicago aldermen tell Illinois Gov. Rauner, Chicago Tribune, John Byrne

Obama must avoid a constitutional crisis on Guantanamo, TheWashington Post, Jim Sensenbrenner

Why it’s so hard to keep up with how the U.S. government is spying on its own people, The Washington Post, Andrea Peterson


Resisting HUAC: A Grassroots Success Story, Dissent NewsWire, Chip Gibbons

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Manufacturing Terror. The FBI Seduced Eric McDavid into a Bomb Plot, Then Lied About It, The Intercept, Trevor Aaronson and Katie Galloway

How the FBI Invents Terror Plots to Catch Wannabee Jihadists, BuzzFeed News,Peter Aldhous

The Department of Homeland Security: the Largest Police Force Nobody Monitors, The Guardian,Marisa Franco and Paromita Shah

File Says N.S.A. Found Way to Replace Email Program, New York Times, Charlie Savage


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Loretta Lynch Says There’s ‘No Data’ to Support The Ferguson Effect, Huffington Post, Ryan J. Reilly

Official: Minneapolis police vids won’t be released, AP, Amy Forliti

U.S and European officials reignite ‘backdoor’ encryption debate after Paris, The Guardian, Sam Thielman

Experts Expect Surveillance Power Grab After Paris Attacks, Rolling Stone, Tessa Stuart

Police: ‘Suspicious activity’ on Chicago-bound plane was just someone watching news on phone, Chicago Tribune, Grace Wong

U.S. Mass Surveillance Has No Record of Thwarting Large Terror Attacks, Regardless of Snowden Leaks The Intercept, Jenna McLaughlin

Sen. Cotton pushes to delay NSA reforms after Paris Attacks, The Hill, Julian Hattem

Editorial: Mass Surveillance Isn’t the Answer to Fighting Terrorism , New York Times

Cruz suggests Obama Administration treating police as ‘the enemy’, The Hill, Jesse Byrnes


How to counter violent extremism, The American Conservative, Philip Giraldi

Metadata Surveillance Didn’t Stop the Paris Attacks. And yet intelligence officials and politicians are now saying it could have. They’re wrong., Slate, Marcy Wheeler

Intelligence agencies pounce on terror attacks to pursue spy agenda, The Guardian, Trevor Timm

Paris Attacks Renew Calls for Access to Encrypted Messages, Bloomberg Business, Chris Strohm

Baltimore Police Assailed for Response After Freddie Gray’s Death, New York Times, Gary Gately and Sheryl Gay Stolberg

Minneapolis officials ask federal authorities to investigate police shooting, Star Tribune, Erin Golden

The Democrats Have Learned to Say “Black Lives Matter,” Now What?, New Republic, Steven Cohen


Chicago cops conducted unauthorized spying on protesters, Chicago Sun-Times, Mick Dumke

U.S. sends 5 Guantánamo detainees to the United Arab Emirates, Miami Herald, Carol Rosenberg

Exploiting Emotions About Paris to Blame Snowden, Distract from Actual Culprits Who Empowered ISIS, The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald

Republican calls for increased surveillance in Muslim neighborhoods, The Hill, Bradford Richardson

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Oregon Orders a Stop to Surveillance of Black Lives Matter Supporters, NPR

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Anti-Panhandling Laws Spread, Face Legal Challenges, Pew Charitable Trusts, Theresa Wiltz

New Report Finds Tamir Rice Shooting Tragic But Reasonable, The Plain Dealer, Corey Shaffer

NYPD Admits Spying On Muslim College Students But Denies “Overarching Blanket Surveillance”, Gothamist, Aviva Stahl

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“Surffragette” raises questions about property distruction’s effectiveness, Waging NonViolence, George Lakey

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Exposed: FBI Surveillance of School of the Americas Watch, Dissent NewsWire, Mara Verhayden-Hilliard

Black Lives Matter Leaders Cleared of Dumb Charges in Mall of America Case,City Paper, Mike Mullen

Obama’s Inconsistency on Closing Guantanamo, Washington Post, Charles Lane

Moving Gitmo Detaines Unifies Political Left and Right, Roll Call, John T. Bennett

FBI Left Out Top Muslim-American Groups When Vetting Anti-Extremist Game,The Intercept, Jenna McLaughlin

Protect military whistleblowers, The Hill, USA Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis (ret.)

Justice officials fear nation’s biggest wiretap operation may not be legal, USA Today, Brad Heath & Brett Kelman

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Supreme Court gives broader immunity to police using deadly force in chasesLos Angeles Times, David G. Savage

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Video appears to show motorist had hands up before marshals killed boy,CBSNews 

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A turning point for Obama”: how the president learned to love the national security state, Salon, Elias Isquith

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Same Rhetoric Permeates Going Dark Encryption Debate, Threatpost,  Michael Mimoso

Official: FOIA worries dampen requests for formal legal opinions, Politico, Josh Gerstein


Prisoners in Guantanamo not “too dangerous” after all, Al Jazeera, Jennifer Fenton

DEA Chief: Comey ‘spot on’ in linking Ferguson impact to crime surge, USA Today, Kevin Johnson

How law enforcement officers can kill with immunity, The Washington Post, Wesley Lowery

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Obama to launch new effort to close Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, L.A. Times, Christi Parsons & Lisa Mascaro

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Congress to consider new version of sweeping defense policy bill, Patricia Zengerle & Jeff Mason, Reuters

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New tool can identify soldiers most at risk for committing violent crime, study says, LA Times, Alan Zarembo

Solitary in California jails still hellish despite reforms, The Intercept, Kelly Davis

How Many Americans Are Getting Swept Up in FISA Dragnet?, Disssent NewsWire, Sue Udry

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Comey’s Bid to Silence Cop Critics is Disgraceful — and Wrong, The Crime Report, Sam Walker

NYPD Undercover “Converted” To Islam To Spy On Brooklyn College StudentsGothamist, Aviva Stahl

Obama aims to lift veil on drone strikesThe Hill, Julian Hattem

Last British Guantanamo Detainee Goes Home — Eight Years After Being Cleared for Release, The Intercept, Murtaza Hussain

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Judge: Occupy Wall Street protesters’ class action lawsuit over Zuccotti Park eviction can move forward, AMNY, Sheila Anne Feeney

Privacy Groups Challenge Director of National Intelligence to Uphold Transparency Promise, The Intercept, Jenna McLaughlin

2 Congressmen Propose Barring U.S. Prosecutors From Reading Inmates’ Emails to Lawyers, New York Times, Stephanie Clifford

Section 215 and “Fruitless” (?!?) Constitutional Adjudication, Just Security, Steve Vladeck

FBI Counterterrorism Agent Wistfully Recalls Watching 20-Year-Old Muslim-American Grow Up, The Onion (satire)

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U.N. warns of counter-terrorism measures used to restrict public interest groups, Jurist, Emelina Perez

Judge sticks by decision to release Guantanamo force feeding videos, Miami Herald, Michael Doyle

Federal judge dismisses challenge to NSA surveillance, Jurist, Gwenyth Gamble

The U.S. War Casualties the Pentagon Doesn’t Want You to See, The Daily Beast, Nancy A. Youssef

Prosecution of U.S. police for killings surges to highest in decade, Reuters, Ian Simpson

CISA Overwhelmingly Passes, EmptyWheel, Marcy Wheeler

Cyberlaw professors oppose CISA, Elon University, Philip Craft

If You’re Not Paranoid, You’re Crazy, The Atlantic, Walter Kirn

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Holder Asks for Too Little Too Late, People’s Blog for the Constitution, Katy Li

Interview with BORDC/DDF Executive Director: Shelter from the Storm, and the FBI and Civil Liberties, PRN Radio, Mike Feder

Sactuary Jurisdictions and Criminal Aliens: In Brief, Congressional Research Service, William A. Kandel and Lisa Seghetti

FBI Chief Links Scrutiny of Police With Rise in Violent Crime, New York Times, Michael S. Schmidt and Matt Apuzzo

Police Body Cams: Complaints Down, Arrests Up, Dissent NewsWire, Suraj Sazawal

Librarians Oppose CISA, People’s Blog for the Constitution, Susan Gaissart

BORDC/DDF Tells ISPAB FBI’s Going Dark Initiative Chills Free Speech, Dissent NewsWire, Chip Gibbons

Water dousing vs Waterboarding: A distinction without a difference, People’s Blog for the Constitution, Talha Singh

IRS possessed Stingray cellphone gear, documents reveal, The Guardian, Nicky Woolf and William Green

Hacking The CIA Director’s AOL Account Was a Political Act, ShadowProof, Kevin Gosztola

Not too late to take action: Tell your Senators to Oppose CISA, BORDC/DDF Action Alert

GTMO provisions are one of three reasons for the President’s NDAA veto today,Just Security, Marty Lederman

White House backs controversial cyber bill, the Hill, Corey Bennett

Obama Defends Black Lives Matter in Conversation on Criminal Justice, The Marshall Project, Maurice Chammah

Obama explains why “all lives matter” doesn’t make sense, Fusion, Casey Tolan

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Judge: Dix terrorists can return to Camden, Courier Post, Jim Walsh

Protest CISA tonight at the Captiol at 6:30 pm, BORDC/DDF Facebook event

These Inmates Got Years In Solitary Confinement For Making A Music Video,BuzzFeedNews ,CJ Ciaramella

Meet the Women Who Created #BlackLivesMatter, Cosmopolitan, Judith Ohikuare

Bart Gellman at Purdue: Is it lawful to discuss and display the Snowden documents in universities? Just Security, Marty Lederman

In rare admission, US says evidence against ex–Gitmo inmate was unreliableAl Jazeera America, Jenifer Fenton

Lawmakers take aim at local Stingray policies, Baltimore Sun, John Fritzie

The Senate’s cybersecurity bill could make it easier for the NSA to spy on youVox, Timothy B. Lee

Even DHS Doesn’t Want the Power It Would Get Under CISA, Defense One, Patrick Tucker

Take Action: Tell your Senators to Oppose CISA – Surveillance bill disguised as cyber security, BORDC/DDF Action

The secret US prisons you’ve never heard of before, TEDTalks, Will Potter

Defend Our Dissent: Preserving Palestinian rights activism on campus,Mondoweiss, Leah Muskin-Pierret

Apple, Google and Twitter among 22 tech companies opposing Cisa bill, The Guardian, Sam Thielman

Opinion: Why the ‘cyber bill’ falls short on protecting critical networks, CSM, Ron Gula

Air Force Office Tells Drone Whistleblower’s Mom She’s on ISIS Hit ListShadowProof, Kevin Gosztola

The NYPD Fails to Learn the Lessons of Past Bigotries, The Atlantic, Garrett Epps

Prosecutors in St. Louis are Aggressively Subpoenaing JournalistsColumbia Journalism Review, Deron Lee

CIA pressed to disclose secret drone docs, The Hill, Julian Hattem

Take Action: Tell your Senators to Oppose the Stop Sanctuary Cities Act,BORDC/DDF Action Alert

Walter Mondale frustrated with Obama’s handling of CIA torture report,Washington Post, James Hohman

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Will the Next House Speaker Crack Down on the NSA? The National Interest,Patrick G. Eddington

Week ahead: Controversial cyber bill expected to hit Senate floor, The Hill, Katie Bo Williams

Facebook Will Now Notify You If It Thinks Your Account Is Being Hacked By The NSA, Tech Times, David Calpito

Obama sparks FBI anger over Clinton emails, Washington Examiner, Sarah Westwood

Indefensible, Dissent NewsWire, Suraj Sazawal

Recycling Repudiated Bush-Era Arguments, Obama Administration Seeks to Deny Humanitarian Release of Gitmo Prisoner, Dissent NewsWire, Chip Gibbons

Homeland Security email points to ongoing racial profiling by local police, Los Angeles Times, Joseph Tanfani and Brian Bennett

Next Week: Rise up October, RiseUpOctober.org, Carl Dix

The Intercept’s ‘Drone Papers’ Revelations Mandate a Congressional Investigation, FP, Micah Zenko

Google, Facebook and peers criticize CISA bill ahead of Senate consideration,IDG News Service, John Ribeiro

Torture by another name: CIA used ‘water dousing’ on at least 12 detainees,The Guardian, Spencer Ackerman

Holder, Too Late, Calls for Transparency on DOJ Torture Investigation, The Intercept, Dan Froomkin

Research Shows How NSA Exploits Flaws to Decrypt Huge Amounts of Communications Instead of Securing the Internet, EFF, Andrew Crocker

Why You Actually Should Care About Hillary Clinton’s Damn Emails, VICE News, Mike Pearl

Third Circuit Reinstates Muslim Discrimination Suit against the NYPDCATO, Adam Bates

What the Third Circuit Said in Hassan v. City of New YorkJust Security, Faiza Patel

The NSA sure breaks a lot of “unbreakable” crypto. This is probably how they do it, Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow

Cyber bill could let feds spy on library users, advocate warns, The Hill, Cory Bennett

Is Your State Shielding Police Misconduct? WNYC News, Robert Lewis, Xander Landen, Noah Veltman

The secret surveillance of ‘suspicious’ blacks in one of the nation’s poshest neighborhoods, The Washington Post, Terrence McCoy

NYPD Doesn’t Want to Talk About It’s X-Ray Vans, New York Magazine, Ben Ellman

California Now Has the Nation’s Best Digital Privacy Law, Wired, Kim Zetter

Obama should veto NDAA over Gitmo, The Hill, Adam Jacobson

Public Access to Military Trials: The Increasingly Strange Case of Sergeant Bergdahl, Just Security, Steve Vladeck

Mouth Wide Shut , Huffington Post, John Feffer

Is someone pinching pennies at Guantánamo prison?, Miami Herald, Carol Rosenberg

California’s Secret Solitary Courts, Daily Beast, Sarah Shourd

In face of criticism, police officials preaching de-escalation tactics, USA Today, Kevin Johnson

Senate Criminal Justice Reform Bill Would Create Mandatory Minimum Sentences, The Ron Paul Institute, Adam Dick

Path cleared for judge to block NSA phone surveillance program, Politico, Josh Gerstein

Capitol Police e-mail raises alert, tension ahead of Million Man rally,Washington Post, Wesley Lowery & Hamil R. Harris

The former head of the NSA openly disagrees with the FBI’s position on encryption, Business Insider, Rob Price

Groups on Right Tell Obama to Support Encryption, People’s Blog for the Constitution

California’s racial profiling law is’terrible’ legislation, police officials say, LA Times, Kim Christensen and Matt Hamilton

The FBI’s Undercover Terrorist HuntersThe Daily Beast, Jen Yamoto

Editorial: Police Commission must stop stonewalling activists, LA Times

Laurie Anderson’s Habeas Corpus at the Park Avenue Armory, Huffington Post, Isa Freeling

Steven Spielberg: Compared to today’s surveillance, the cold war was politeThe Guardian, Nigel M. Smith

Snowden: US, UK spies ‘want to own your phone,’ The Hill, Cory Bennett

Drone Flies Over NSA Complex in Germany, Dropping Leaflets , The Intercept, Jenna McLaughlin

Edward Snowden Says He’d Go to Prison to Come Home, The Atlantic, David A. Graham


Californians! Take Action: 3 Privacy Bills Await Gov’s Signature, Dissent NewsWire, Zaki Manian

Loretta Lynch: Government shouldn’t require reports of people killed by police, The Guardian, Ciara McCarthy

Privacy Hawks See Momentum in Encryption Fight, The Hill, Cory Bennett

How Mississippi Cops Pressure College-Age Kids Into Becoming Informants,BuzzFeedNews, Albert Samaha

Pentagon to search for ‘Guantanamo North’ in Colorado, Miami Herald, Carol Rosenberg

Week Ahead: Cyber Bill Inches Toward Senate Floor, The Hill, Cory Bennett and Katie Bo Williams


FBI tactics to unearth ISIS recruits: effective or entrapment?, Christian Science Monitor, Warren Richey

Groups Sue to Overturn Wyoming’s Data Censorship Law, Dissent NewsWire

Judge Shields Records on Pacific Trade Deal, Courthouse News Service, Adam Klasfield

Open Government Groups Call for New USTR Transparency Officer, Dissent NewsWire

Sentencing Overhaul Proposed in Senate with Bipartisan Support, New York Times, Carl Hules and Jennifer Steinhauer

Chuck Grassley’s Demands Make Sentencing Reform Weaker, Reason, Jacob Sullum

New York joins terror-busting network ‘Strong Cities’ as activists fear program will target Muslims, NY Daily News, Jennifer Fermino

Films About Entrapment Screen in North Carolina, People’s Blog for the Constitution, Susan Gaissert

The ‘Palestine Exception’ to the First Amendment, Dissent NewsWire, Chip Gibbons

The Selectivity of American “Countering Violent Extremism” Policies, CATO, Patrick G. Eddington

The AUMF, ISIL… and FOIA? Just Security, Steven Vladack

High School Debates on Surveillance Informed by CRS, FAS Secrecy Blog, Steven Aftergood

A redcoat solution to government surveillance, Los Angeles Times, Mike Gatto

CPD Routinely Spied/Spies on Protest Groups, Dissent NewsWire, Sue Udry

Do You Have What it Takes To Be a Prison Censor? The Marshall Project, Bill Keller

Think Police Can’t Use Illegally Obtained Evidence Against You? Think Again, The Nation, Paul Butler

The murkey world of jailhouse informants: Is Scott Sanders the Most Polarizing Man in Orange County? , The Orange County Register, David Ferrell and Tony Saavedra

Senators push feds to get warrant before cellphone spying, The Hill, Julian Hattem

Appeals court to reconsider Bin Laden video maker ruling, Miami Herald, AP

It isn’t easy being black in the Badger State, Fusion, Christina Costantini

The NSA’s Official Love Notes Are Deeply Weird, Gizmodo, Kate Knibbs

The Big Secret That Makes the FBI’s Anti-Encryption Program a Big Lie, The Intercept, Jenna McLaughlin

CISA could return to the Senate agenda this week, Politico, Tim Starks


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Panel speaks about human rights, government secrecy, Quad Cities Times, Linda Cook

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Circuit court remands terrorism case on grounds FBI withheld info of al-Awlaki investigation, Fox News, Catherine Herridge and Pamela Browne

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Five Years Later: Last Target of FBI Witchhunt Faces Jail, Dissent NewsWire, Chip Gibbons

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Obama administration explored ways to bypass smartphone encryption, The Washington Post, Andrea Peterson and Ellen Nakashima

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Police Program Aims to Pinpoint Those Most Likely to Commit CrimesNew York Times, John Eligon, Timothy Williams

Better Information is the Key to Policing Reform, The Atlantic, Seth Stroughton, Jeff Noble, Geoffrey Alpert

Open the Lid on U.S. Torture, Aljazeera America, Joseph Margulies

The Remarkable (and Remarkably Unnoticed) Guantánamo PRB Scorecard,Just Security, Steve Vladeck

Feds: Still no proof Verizon Wireless in NSA surveillance program, Politico, Josh Gerstein

‘Snowden Treaty’: Global Campaign to Promote Privacy, Protect Whistleblowers, ShadowProof, Kevin Gosztola

Occupy Wall Street Anniversary: Police Crackdown On Movement Cost New York $1.5 Million Over 4 Years, International Business Times, Aaron Morrison

Legacy of the Delano Grape Strike, 50 Years Later, SF Chronicle, David Bacon

States Grapple with Public Disclosure of Police Body Camera Footage, The Pew Charitable Trust Stateline, Sarah Breitenbach

Guantánamo frees 9-year hunger striker to Saudi Arabia, Miami Herald, Carol Rosenberg

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ICE Awards Contract to Private Prison Company That Was Just Slammed in Federal Report, Houston Press, Michael Barajas

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Rights Group Slams DOJ’s ‘Inconsistent’ Response to Senate Torture Report, NPR, Carrie Johnson

With Little Fanfare, FBI Ramps Up Biometrics Program, Yet Again,BORDC/DDF Blog, Jennifer Lynch

Grassley wants answers on FBI whistleblower cases, The Hill, Jordain Carney

Grassley Blasts FBI Over Clinton Emails: “The FBI is behaving like it’s above the law.”, Politico, Josh Gerstein

DePaul Students Call for Deposing Dean Implicated in GuantanamoTorture Report, Chicago Monitor, Joseph Kerins

OpenTheGovernment.org Challenges Ongoing Classification of CIA Torture Program, OpenTheGovernmetn.org Blog

Big Brother Provision Dropped from Intelligence Bill, Dissent NewsWire, Sue Udry

When is Assasination Not Assasination? When the Government Says So, The Intercept, Nick Turse

George W. Bush Made Retroactive ‘Fix” to NSA Program After Hospital Room Showdown, New York Times, Charlie Savage

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Potential Daniel Willis jurors questioned on ‘Black Lives Matter,’ Austin American-Statesman, Sean Collins Walsh

How to Close Guantanamo, The New York Times, Editorial Board

Nick Merrill: the man who may unlock the secrecy of the FBI’s controversial subpoenas, The Guardian, Spencer Ackerman

Exclusive: Obama’s Gitmo Closure Plan Won’t Recommend U.S. SiteRoll Call, Megan Scully

U.S. Repatriates Moroccan From Guantánamo, and Approves a Kuwaiti’s Transfer, New York Times, Charlie Savage

Sen. Sanders to push a plan to ban private companies from running prisons, The Washington Post, John Wagner

Ahmed isn’t alone: well-behaved minority boys are more likely to be inprisoned than white troublemakers, The Washington Post, Max Ehrenfreund

Appeals Court Revives Insane Clown Posse Lawsuit Against FBIMLive, Khalil AlHajal

Homeland Security chief likens terror concerns to red scaresCNN, Wesley Bruer & Evan Perez

Constitutional Rights and Occupy Wall Street, BORDC/DDF Blog, Susan Gaissert

Federal court to hear arguments on NSA data collectionWashington Examiner, Rudy Takala

Support pours in for Muslim teen in Texas suspended after bringing clock to school,  AP

U.S. Judge Upholds Right to Scrawl Nasty Note on Speeding Ticket Payment, New York Times, Benjamin Weiser

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has always done it his way, AZCentral.com, Michael Kiefer

ODNI’s Latest Guantánamo Reengagement Numbers Are Encouraging, Just Security, Adam Jacobson


Obama faces growing momentum to support widespread encryption, The Washington Post, Ellen Nakashima and Andrea Peterson

Despite Law Enforcement Concerns, Lebanon Board Will Reactivate Privacy Network Tor at Kilton Library, Valley News (NH),Nora Doyle-Burr

Big Dreams and Bold Steps Toward a Police-Free Future,Truthout, Rachel Herzing

Texas 9th-Grader Makes Clock to Show Engineering Teacher, Gets Arrested for Making a ‘Bomb’, AlterNet, Shaun King

What is Skunk Water (and why are U.S. police departments stocking up?), BBC News

Drone Strike that Killed Awlaki ‘Did Not Silence Him, Journalist Says, NPR Fresh Air, interview with Scott Shane

Our Inboxes, Oursleves, Slate, Mike Godwin

Guantanamo force-feeding videos released to court in redacted form, The Guardian, Spencer Ackerman

Ferguson Commission recommends police reform, Jurist, Taylor Gillan

Somalis in Minnesota question counter-extremism program aimed at Muslims, The Guardian, Amanda Sperber

When Do Countries Have to Investigate War Crimes?, Just Security, Nathalie Weizmann

Stop Urban Shield Ramps Up Efforts to End Expo, BORDC/DDF Blog, Katy Li

Book Review: Sisters In Law, How Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went to the Supreme Court and Changed the World, Dissent NewsWire, Emily Jane Goodman

Activism and Theater Combine in If the SHU Fits, BORDC/DDF Blog, Susan Gaissert

Suit Says Police Violated Occupy Wall Street Protesters’ Constitutional Rights,New York Times, Colin Moynihan

Apple, in refusing backdoor access to data, may face finesZDNet, Zach Whittaker

EFF Provides Evidence to Courts of Verizon Wireless, Sprint and AT&T Participation in NSA Spying, EFF, Aaron Mackey

Congress eyes privacy rights for non-U.S. citizens, The Hill, Katie Bo Williams

Minnesota Somali community facing TSA issues, no-fly list mistakes, KMSP, Jack Highberger – KMSP

James Blake’s Arrest Brings Swift Apologies from New York Officials, New York Times, Benjamin Mueller, Al Baker, Liz Robbins

The stories Americans tell about 9/11 leave out discrimination against Muslims,The Guardian, Deepa Iyer

FBI director: Ability to unlock encryption is not a ‘fatal’ security flaw, The Washington Post, Ellen Nakashima

First Library to Support Anonoymous Internet Browsing Stops After DHS E-mail,ProPublica, Julia Angwin

8 ways you can end up on the no-fly list, Fox News, Sid Lipsey

Inmate’s Excessive Force Case Revived by 3rd Circuit, Courthouse News, Andrew Thompson

Following California’s Lead on Solitary Confinement, The Washington Post, Editorial Board

Burning Man is Also Infested With Undercover FBI Agents, Gawker, Gabrielle Bluestone

Free Speech Doesn’t Kill People, Dissent NewsWire, Chip Gibbons

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A Texas judge compares fear of Islamic State to the ‘Red Scare’The Washington Post, Adam Goldman

Constitution in Crisis: September Newsletter, BORDC/DDF

An American family saved their son from joining the Islamic State. Now he might go to prison., The Washington Post, Adam Goldman

The Hillary Email Double Standard, The Daily Beast, Danielle Brian

Apple and Other Tech Companies Tangle With U.S. Over Data Access, New York Times, Multiple Authors

DOJ and FBI officials say Apple & other tech companies ‘winning PR battle’ over data privacy, 9 to 5 Mac, Ben Lovejoy

Kerry: State has “massive amount of overclassification”, The Hill, Mark Hensch

Study: Lone Wolf Terrorists Often Broadcast Plans for Violence, The Guardian, Michael Safi

When Feds Are Done Playing Dress Up, Who’s Left to Pick Up the Pieces?,Dissent NewsWire, Suraj Sazawal

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*** Take Action: Join Operation Fax Big Brother ***

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House Passes Bill to Deny/Revoke Passports for Americans Deemed to Have ‘Helped’ Terrorist Organizations [UPDATED w/ even more outrage!],Reason, Matt Welch

Justice Department Watchdog Complains He’s Been Curbed, The Intercept, Dan Froomkin

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Opinion: Why the information sharing bill is anti-cybersecurity, CSM, Patrick J. Eddington & BORDC President, Sascha Meinrath

Plan to Close Guantanamo Bay Prison in the Works, Time, Maya Rhodan

Judge Orders CIA To Pay $400,000 In Legal Fees To FOIA Requester It Jerked Around For More Than A Decade, Techdirt, Tim Cushing

William Binney: NSA Claim Not to Be Mining Content Is an “Outright Lie”Huffington Post, Robin Koerner

Obama’s Plan for Guantanamo Seen Faltering, The New York Times, Charles Savage

DEA criticized for lack of oversight of confidential sources, Los Angeles Times,

Facebook Loses Appeal on New York Search Warrants, The New York Times, James C. McKinley Jr

Missed Calls: Is the NSA lying about its failure to prevent 9/11?,Foreign Policy, James Bramford

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Drone Contractors: An Oversight and Accountability Gap, Just Security, Laura Dickinson

NTIA to address drone privacy, transparency, accountability early next month, FierceGovernmentIT, Dibya Sarkar

Lawmakers Pin Blame For Chattanooga Shooting On ISIS, But Evidence Is Lacking, Think Progress, Justin Salhani – Think Progress

Wesley Clark Calls for Internment Camps for “Radicalized” Americans, The Intercept, Murtaza Hussain

US should hang Edward Snowden, says former spy panel senator, The Hill, Julian Hattem

FBI needs new anti-terrorist strategy, Contra Costa Times, Ralph E. Shaffer

Court Shuts Down Government’s Attempt To Claim An In-Car GPS System Is A ‘Container’, TechDirt, Tim Cushing

Judge: CIA, Pentagon May Still Neither Confirm Nor Deny Records Exist on US Citizens Killed by Drones, FireDogLake, Kevin Gosztola

Senate, once again, looks to bring back CISA, Washington Examiner, Charlie Mitchell

Hello, Congress? CISA has nothing to do with data protection,InfoWorld, Caroline Craig

The Government’s Wiretap Orders Still Don’t Add Up, Just Security, Albert Gidari

The 35-Year-Old Mother Who Was Shot And Killed By Police,Esquire, Charles P. Pierce

Native Americans Get Shot By Police at an Alarming Rate,Mother Jones, AJ Vicens

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Judge rejects government argument in No Fly List lawsuit, AP, Matthew Barakat

Ferguson Commission approves 148 ‘calls to action,’ prepares to finish work by September, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jack Suntrup

Critics Say Bill Would Turn Muslim Communities Into ‘Mini Surveillance States, The Intercept, Murtaza Hussain

Homeland Security panel passes bill creating one anti-terror office, Washington Times, Maggie Ybarra

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How the Son of Edward Said is Trying to Change Terrorism Prosecutions, The Intercept, Murtaza Hussain

Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, White Supremacy & Charleston Terror, Radio With A View, Chip Berlet and Mark Stern (Audio)

Website: Check the Police,the first open-source database of police union contracts and other documents related to police accountability for the 100 largest U.S. cities.

Describing Violence: The Charleston Shootings and the Label of Terrorism, JustSecurity, Faiza Patel

Judge pushes to speed up release of force feeding videos at Guantánamo Bay, The Guardian, Ben Jacobs & Spencer Ackerman

Spying on the Internet is Orders of Magnitude More Invasive Then Phone Metadata. The Intercept, Micah Lee

15 Things Your City Can Do Right Now to End Police Brutality,Identies.Mic, Zak Cheney-Rice

When the FBI Went After ‘Mad’ Magazine, Mental Floss, Jake Rossen

Maryland Ruling is a Loss for Police Accountability, Transparency,Dissent NewsWire, Katy Li

How Some Police Chiefs Are Like LeBron James — And Why That’s Bad for Cities, Vice News, Avi Asher-Schapiro

Documents show excessive use of Massachusetts SWAT teams,Washington Post, Radley Balko

FBI Boss: Your Crypto is Confusing to Me, Daily Beast, Tim Mak & Shane Harris

Why encryption back doors threaten human rights, The Hill, Cynthia M. Wong

Cleveland 8 Reject Tamir Rice Grand Jury as Secret Trial, BORDC Blog, Sue Udry

California students resist authorities’ attempts to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism, Dissent NewsWire, Ben Norton


FBI Director James Comey is on Capitol Hill today to testify before two Senate committees about “going dark,” or, his opposition to the ability of ordinary people to encrypt their internet communications. Today’s news digest will focus on that issue:

Going Dark: Encryption, Techonology and the Balance Between Public Safety and Privacy, Senate Judiciary Committee hearing at 10 a.m. eastern (webcast)

“Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence and the Challenges of Going Dark”, Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on encryption at 2:30 p.m. eastern (webcast)

Cybersecurity Experts Recommend Against Encryption Backdoors For Government AgenciesInternational Business Times, Salvador Rodriguez

Not ‘going dark’: The FBI’s misguided war on encryption, The Hill, Patrick G. Eddington

FBI and Comey Find new Bogeyman for Anti-Encryption Arguments: ISIS, The Intercept, Jenna McLaughlin

Why a Back Door to the Internet Is a Bad Idea, New York Times, Vikas Bajaj

Eric Holder: Department of Justice Could Strike a Deal with Edward Snowden, Yahoo News, Michael Isikoff

How Activists Won Reparations for Survivors of Chicago Police Toture, In These Times, Flint Taylor

Lawyer for environmental group interrogated repeatedly at US border, The Guardian, Adam Federman

Wiretap Numbers Don’t Add Up, Just Security, Albert Gidari

The good news about extremist violence in the US: It’s vanishingly rare, Washington Post, Radley Balko

The FBI Spent $775K on Hacking Team’s Spy Tools Since 2011,Wired, Joseph Cox

Dept. Of Defense Defends Strong Encryption While Its Impetuous Child — The NSA — Continues To Lament The Coming Darkness, TechDirt, Tim Cushing

Lawmakers want Internet sites to flag ‘terrorist activity’ to law enforcement, Washington Post, Ellen Nakashima

** Corrected link: Bill Would Create New Homeland Security Office for “Countering Violent Extremism“, Reason, Jesse Walker

The Shocking Scope of the NSA’s XKEYSCORE Surveillance, New American, Joe Wolverton II

The Pentagon’s New Weapon: Agent Whitewash, In These Times, Tom Hayden

Danielle Allen: Our Declaration, The Diane Rehm Show (audio)

Amnesty International Report on U.S. Police Use of Force, Jurist, Wesley Oliver

There’s No Reason to Hide the Amount of Secret Law, Just Security, Elizabeth Goitein

The United States Must Stop Perpetuating an Ever-Changing “Enemy”, TruthOut, Robert C. Koehler

Zero for 40: Why do Media Still Take FBI Terror Warnings Seriously?, FAIR, Adam Johnson

XKEYSCORE: NSA’s Google for the World’s Private CommunicationsThe Intercept, Multiple Authors

Officials: Facebook, Twitter Not Reporting ISIS Messages, ABC News, Rhonda Schwartz and Brian Ross

OPM, CISA, and the Cybersecurity Oxymoron, Just Security, Patrick Eddington

It’s Not Cyber Security, It’s Cyber Surveillance (Take Action), BORDC Blog

The Metadata Doesn’t Lie: Is that Why Local Governments Are Witholding It?,Slate, Yael Grauer

With court approval, NSA resumes bulk collection of phone data, Washington Post, Ellen Nakashima

Fear Alert: US Press Unquestioningly Spread Predictions of ISIS Attacks on July 4th Holiday, FireDogLake, Kevin Gosztola

The National Commission on the War on Terrorism Is Hereby Called to Order,FP, Micah Zenko

A Crystal Ball for Cops?Dissent NewsWire, Sue Udry

Florida man, accused of terrorism based on book collection, set free, The Intercept, Murtaza Hussain

Warrantless phone tapping, email spying inching to Supreme Court review, Ars Technica, David Kravets

Sloppy Cyber Threat Sharing is Surveillance by Another Name,Just Security, Jennifer Granick

DOJ faults Ferguson police response to protests, Seattle Times, Christine Byers

Bratton Calls NYPD Reform Bills “Unprecedented Intrusions”, The Gothamist, Nathan Tempey

“This Flag Comes Down Today”: Bree Newsome Scales Flagpole, Removes SC Capitol Confederate Flag, Democracy Now (video)

CIA photos of ‘black sites’ could complicate Guantanamo trials, Washington Post, Adam Goldman

CIA can give “specialized equipment” to other agencies: Domestic partnerships allowed on surveillance as long as CIA agents don’t push the buttons,MuckRock, Shawn Musgrave

Homegrown Threat: FBI Tracks White Supremicists, Domestic Extremists, NPR(audio)

Muslim Advocacy Group Takes MTA to Court Over Advertisements, Newsweek, Polly Mosendz

New Evidence on CIA Medical Torture: Injection “to the Bone” on Former Black Site Prisoner Majid Khan, Firedoglake, Jeff Kaye

How the NSA started investigating the New York Time’s warrantless wiretap story, The Intercept, Cora Currier

Does U.S. Ignore Right-Wing Terror? Interview with Mike German, Democracy Now, Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh

Has the CIA Asked FISC to Restart Its Bulk Collection Program?(And if so, what is it collecting?), Just Security, Patrick C. Toomey

FBI Rounding Up Islamic State Suspects, Bloomberg News, Josh Rogin

A Former CIA Official Apologizes to ‘Every American’ For Iraq Intelligence Failures (but not for torture), Vice News, Jason Leopold

Beyond GuantanamoDefense One, Molly O’Toole

Chrisite’s Conspiracy: the real story behind the Fort Dix Five terror plot, The Intercept, Murtaza Hussain and Razan Ghalayini

100 Groups From Around the World to UN: Demand Accountability for CIA Torture, The Huffington Post, Jamil Dakwar

Look Away, Dixie!, Dissent NewsWire, Suraj Sazawal

IRS employees can use ‘password’ as a password? No wonder we get hacked, The Guardian, Trevor Timm

NYC: Settlement in Principle in Muslim Surveillance Lawsuit, ABC News, Jennifer Peltz

Justices Limit Police Searches of Hotel Registries, USA Today, Richard Wolf and Brad Heath

The True Story of a Texas Prison Riot, The Nation, Seth Freed Wessler; and A Most Unsurprising Riot, The Marshall Project, Carl Takei

A CIA Habit: Human Experimentation, Counterpunch, David Swanson

Why it Matters that the Charleston Attack was Terrorism: The term clarifies what took place last week, but not what the response should be, The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf

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May 21, 2015

Anthony D. Romero and Matt Kibbee, USA TodayACLU & Tea Party: NSA Reform Bill Has Gaping Holes 

Seung Min Kim and Alex Byers, Politico, Rand Paul Calls it a Night After 10 1/2 Hours

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Shahid Buttar and Sue Udry, BORDC/DDF, TAKE ACTION: Write & Rally to Sunset PATRIOT

May 20, 2015

Patrice Taddonio, PRI, How the CIA helped make ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ — and shape the torture debate

Naureen Shah, MSNBC, Loretta Lynch’s torture problem

Justin Salhani, Think Progress, Would this man be charged with terrorism if he were a Muslim?

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May 19, 2015

Ellen Nakashima, Washington PostTech giants urge Obama to resist ‘backdoors’ into encrypted communications

Hamid Khan, Stop LAPD Spying, Documents Expose the ACLU

Shahid Buttar, BORDC/DDF, Statement on Obama Announcement on Policing and When Even the DOD Says Your Police Are Too Militarized

Trevor Aaronson, Foreign Policy, To Catch The Devil:A Special Report on the Sordid World of FBI Terrorism Informants

May 18, 2015

The Daily News Digest is back!

If you are baffled by our new banner, you might have missed the exciting news that the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and the Defending Dissent Foundation are merging. Together, we’ll be in an even stronger position to help restore constitutional rights eroded by executive agencies.

Since the Daily Digest has been absent for a few weeks, we have a backlog of important articles we’d like to share.
We will return to the shorter more frequent format as soon as possible.


Julie Hirschfeld, The New York TimesObama to Limit Military Style Equipment for Police Forces 

Sue Udry, Dissent NewsWireIs the City of Cleveland Trying to Confuse Everybody? 

Michael Maharrey, OffNow.org, Signed Into Law: Florida Bill Expands Limits on Drone Surveillance


Kristina Wong, The HillObama’s Last Hope on Gitmo: John McCain? 


Editorial Board, The Oregonian, Body Camera Policies Must Block Officers’ Previewing Video in Use-of-Force Cases


Tim Cushing, TechDirt, FBI Spied on Activists Because Protecting Corporate Interests is Roughly Equivalent to Ensuring National Security


Shahid Buttar, People’s Blog for the ConstitutionBill of Rights Defense Committee & Defending Dissent Foundation (BORDC/DDF) urge Senate to reject so-called USA Freedom Act

Editorial Board, The New York Times, Shortcomings of Cyber Security Bills


Steven Wishnia, Dissent NewsWireFBI Spied on Keystone Pipeline Opponents


Steven Wishnia, Dissent NewsWire, Opposition Grows to Inadequate USA Freedom Act


Shahid Buttar and Thom Hartmann, Blog for the ConstitutionNSA Phone Surveillance Ruled Illegal

Suraj Sazawal, Dissent NewsWire, Crackdown on Protesters by FERC Continues


Michael Maharrey, Dissent NewsWire, Maine Bill Taking on NSA Spying Advances

May 13

Torture, Spying and COINTELPRO
Not surprisingly, the U.S. ducked the hardest questions it faced during a review of its human rights record by the UN Human Rights Council.

Rep. Gabbard Down on NSA Reauthorization
“The American people deserve to have confidence that the government will balance its’ responsibilities of protecting our civil liberties and privacy, and keeping the American people safe.”

May 11

Fight Against the Burgeoning Regulatory State (with Cartoons)
The regulatory burden in the United States has become absurd. Civil disobedience is a powerful and traditional way for Americans to resist bad government policy.

May 8

Pam Geller: American Hero?
Say what you will about Pamela Geller, she has not backed down from any of her vile positions under fear of violence.

May 7

Dirtboxes: The Aerial Surveillance You Don’t Know About
While people protested in Baltimore, law enforcement employed powerful new surveillance technologies that use aircraft to collect mass information. Dirtboxes, like Stingrays in the sky, sweep up identifying information about tens of thousands of cell phones in a single flight and are also capable of stealing data off of phones.

Virginia PD Sued Over License Plate Database
“The danger to privacy comes when the government collects tens of thousands of license plate records so it can later find out where people were and when.”

May 6

Don’t Let Terrorists Determine the Limits of Free Speech
The only limitations to free speech should be legal ones. Terrorists should never be allowed to create an exception to free speech.

NSA Converts Spoken Words into Searchable Text
And this has happened with no apparent public oversight, hearings or legislative action. Congress hasn’t shown signs of even knowing that it’s going on.

May 4

Would President Bernie Sanders Curb NSA Spying?
“Kids will grow up knowing that every damn thing that they do is going to be recorded some place in a file, and I think that will have a very Orwellian and very inhibiting impact on the way we live our lives,” Sanders said.

Idaho Ag-gag Law Faces Legal Challenge
A federal judge will determine if the law is unconstitutional restriction on free speech.

April 21

Keeping Track of Intelligence Community’s Leakers
It’s getting hard to keep track of the U.S. intelligence community leakers without a scorecard. So Lawfare’s Bruce Schneier took a crack at it.

April 14

DC Mayor Wants to Exempt Police Body Camera Video from FOIA
If Mayor Bowser gets her way, obtaining footage from the police-worn cameras will be difficult. Fortunately, there is pushback by members of the DC Council.

Forget About Asking, NSA Will Just Take Your Data
The NSA has a solution to public concerns over privacy invasions: Ask tech companies to create a master key that lets spy agencies access encrypted data directly rather than sneaking in through the back door.

April 9

“Protesters are citizens, not suspects”
Philadelphia’s police officers handling of public protests has a checkered past and an unknown future.

April 7

Less Grand Juries, More Freedom
Over the years, the grand jury has evolved as a tool to abrogate individual rights.  A grand jury can subpoena you to testify without telling you why or even if the investigation is about you.

Ted Cruz & Rand Paul: Scale Back NSA Surveillance
While Paul said he would dismantle the NSA,  fellow presidential candidate Cruz backed the USA Freedom Act sponsored by Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont which — had it passed — would have reformed but not gutted the Patriot Act.

Video: John Oliver Interviews Edward Snowden
Oliver traveled to Russia and interviewed Snowden in person about surveillance ahead of the June 1 deadline for government reauthorization of some portions of the Patriot Act.

April 6

Poll: Majority Of Americans Oppose Mass Surveillance
“Despite the President’s promises of reform, mass surveillance could prove to be a permanent scar on the USA’s human rights record, just like unlawful drone strikes and impunity for CIA torture,” Steven W. Hawkins, Executive Director of Amnesty International, said.

Who Do You Protect?
Like many other fusion centers that have lost track of their counterterrorism directive, one based in Chicago directs police officers to notify it of “information concerning strikes, labor-management incidents or union controversies or the possibility thereof.”  A report it issused in 2013 warned about an “anti-drone protest, rallies for women’s rights and animal liberation, protests against banks and Boeing headquarters, and a march on City Hall “to stop police crimes.”

April 3

DHS Wants Access to License Plate Tracking System
“If this goes forward, DHS will have warrantless access to location information going back at least five years about virtually every adult driver in the U.S., and sometimes to their image as well.”

Almost $600 Million to Fusion Centers, but Why?
Based on relative terror risk facing individual cities, DHS hands out millions in urban security grants. In 2013, DHS deemed Las Vegas’ risk low enough to remove it from the list of cities that receive these funds. But after a year of intense lobbying by Nevada politicians, Vegas is back on the list and receiving millions in “terror” related funding.

April 2

Support for Civil Liberties and Data Privacy is Bipartisan
Whether it’s police body cameras, drones or devices that read and collect data on car license plates, legislators are trying to strike a delicate balance between protecting citizens’ private data and assuring law enforcement’s ability to catch criminals.

March 31

ACLU Slams Virginia’s Efforts to Curtail Privacy Protections
“It is difficult to understand why the Governor would propose amendments to pro-privacy legislation that would authorize unrestricted mass surveillance of Virginians by police and government agencies,” the ACLU said.

NSA Officials Described Mass Surveillance Program as Ineffective
“The system was not capturing most cellphone calls, and program was not central to unraveling terrorist plots,” the AP writes, citing anonymous officials.

March 30

Why Doesn’t the Intelligence Community Care if its Surveillance Programs Work?
All too often, the intelligence community launches grand new programs without conducting the appropriate research and evaluations to determine whether they will work or create new harms.

Rand Paul Tells Students: Beware Indefinite Detention
Referring to the National Defense Authorization Acts (NDAA) of 2011 and 2012, Paul says the Executive Branch can arrest and detain anyone without informing them of any criminal charges, without a trial, and without the due process safeguards protected by the U.S. Constitution. And he’s right.

March 27

So, What’s the Big Deal about Collecting Metadata?
If data is content, then metadata can be seen as context. Metadata can be much more revealing than data. As former NSA General Counsel Stewart Baker said: “Metadata absolutely tells you everything about somebody’s life. If you have enough metadata you don’t really need content.”

Coalition Fighting Back Against Ag-Gag Bills
The group launched a campaign website at www.StopTheGag.org in which concerned citizens can quickly learn more about any proposed laws in their area and contact their legislators. The website contains petitions that encourage the legislative sponsors of proposed “ag-gag” laws to reject or drop the bills.

March 26

Back to Square One on Spying
Members of Congress who remember their oaths of office should support The Surveillance State Repeal Act to force a long overdue transparent debate. And Americans who value privacy, checks & balances, or freedom of thought should tell their Members of Congress to support it.

Pheasants Liberated in Act of Solidarity
A flock of ring-necked pheasants at the Estacada Game Farm in Oregon were recently released by activists into the wild. This liberation is dedicated to the individuals who are currently being prosecuted and/or imprisoned under the “Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act”.

March 23

Confederate Flag permitted on Texas License Plate?
The Supreme Court will hear a case that considers the limits of free expression and the meaning of a charged symbol that many associate with secession and slavery.

KC schools, ACLU Settle Suit over Students’ Ferguson Protests
“I think it’s important that everybody recognizes that students do still have First Amendment rights while they’re in school,” an ACLU representative said. “Those don’t go away just because they walk into a school house.”

March 20

Protect Your Privacy…For Now
Governments will eventually break these encryptions or make them ‘illegal’ and brand everyone using them a thought criminal and/or terrorist. But until that happens, Any one of these tools are effective ways to thwart mass surveillance and take back at least a little bit of your privacy. For now.

Civil Liberties Groups Force Disclosure of Fake Cell Tower Details
A judicial ruling requires the Erie County Sheriff’s Office in New York state turn over a number of documents concerning its purchase and use of stingrays, secretive devices that are used to determine a phone’s location and can also intercept calls and text messages.

March 19

How the FBI Created a Terrorist
That’s the subtitle of a new exposé in The Intercept by Trevor Aaronson, a journalist who investigates the FBI’s use of informants in sting operations. The article tells the story of Sami Osmakac, a mentally disturbed, financially unstable young man who was targeted by an elaborately orchestrated FBI sting in early 2012.

March 18

Multi-Million Dollar Fusion Center Investigating Home Break-Ins
After 9/11, fusion centers were supposedly created for counterterrorism efforts. These days, they are more likely to use license-plate readers to investigate home burglaries and collect and indefinitely store personal data of the thousands of residents who drive by them.

March 16

Ag-Gag Bills Getting Creative in New Mexico
Silencing or deterring whistle-blowers of animal abuses at factory farms is the intent of a Senate bill being considered by New Mexico lawmakers. Another bill in the House would make it more difficult to sue corporate farms for causing undue noise, water and air pollution.

The Orwellian Re-Branding of “Mass Surveillance” as “Bulk Collection”
Glenn Greenwald writes just as “torture” was replaced with the Orwellian euphemism “enhanced interrogation techniques” to make it more palatable, there are now efforts to re-brand “mass surveillance” as “bulk collection” in order to make it less menacing (and less illegal).

March 13

The Power of Protest
“Look at all the people who are resigning because our words brought attention,” said Marcus Cooper, a police reform activist in Portland. “Our voice will do the damage a bullet would. I will end your career with my words.”

1971: A Film about the Burglary that Brought COINTELPRO to Light
While much of America was watching the heavyweight championship fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, activists broke into an FBI office in Media, Penn, and walked out with proof the FBI threatened and coerced activists like Martin Luther King Jr. through a shocking program called COINTELPRO.

Gandhi’s Salt March, 85 Years Ago
On March 12, 1930, Mahatma Gandhi and a small band of supporters set off on a 241-mile march across western India as an act of nonviolent protest against the British colonial government’s salt monopoly. Their peaceful protest captured the world’s attention and demonstrated the power of mass resistance.

March 12

Solitary Confinement Run Amok
An internal review by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons sheds light on the overuse and misuse of solitary confinement in the federal prison system. While solitary is often portrayed as a disciplinary tool, in fact, only 15% of federal prisoners in isolation are being held for disciplinary reasons.

Judge’s Decision Strengthens California Prisoner’s Case Against Solitary
“Our goal in this case is to support the demand of prisoners to end the inhumane use of indefinite solitary, and no amount of legal shell games is going to stop us from achieving that goal.”

March 11

Did Expulsion of OU Frat Brothers Violate their First Amendment Rights?
“President Boren has essentially declared OU a non-free speech zone,” said OSU media law professor Joey Senat. “The First Amendment doesn’t exist to protect the speech most of us like. It exists to protect unpopular speech.”

New Lawsuit Alleges Massive Surveillance of Internet by NSA
Plaintiffs argue that they must be able to exchange information in confidence, free from warrantless government search which undermines the named organizations’ ability to communicate with clients, victims of human rights abuses, government officials and other civil society groups.

March 10

Racial Profiling Prevention Act passed by Tennessee Senate
“Racial profiling has no place in law enforcement in this state,” Sen. Brian Kelsey (R) said. “Senate Bill 6 would ensure that is the case. This is an idea whose time has come.” The bill was inspired by the events in nearby Ferguson, Mo.

Protecting Whistleblowers Protects National Security
Former FBI agent Mike German explains why the failure to provide safe avenues for reporting internal government misconduct is what drives anonymous leaks to the press.

March 9

Clinton’s Email Practices Undermine FOIA
More than 75 separate FOIA requests for Clinton material were filed with the State Department between 2009 and 2013. According to the AP, requests for Clinton emails and other documents have been delayed for more than a year — and in one case, four years — without any results.

March 5

Online Snowden Archive Launches
Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) launched the Snowden Archive, a comprehensive database of all the documents from the Snowden leak for journalists, researchers and concerned citizens to delve deeply into the critically important information about government surveillance practices.

March 4

Chomsky: US Drone War Fuels Terrorism
In an interview, Chomsky argues that while mass surveillance has been ineffective in stopping terrorism, programs like the global U.S. drone war have helped spread it to areas all around the world.

“This does not guarantee that you will not be retaliated against”
The FBI bluntly told a potential whistleblower that he could face retaliation by coming forward with concerns about political meddling inside a secret terrorism and counterintelligence surveillance program.

March 3

Video: Cop Cocks Shotgun & Asks Protesters, “Are You Scared?”
At the 3:20 mark, you can see the officer with the shotgun approach Black Lives Matter protesters in New York City.

Are San Fran Cops Violating Civil Liberties Law In Terrorism Interviews?
The Examiner reports the SFPD may be lying about their level of participation in federal investigations as part of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, violating a 2012 law created to curb illegal questioning of Muslim-Americans.

Privacy Groups Balk at Senate Cyber Bill
Critics say the cybersecurity bill would grant some legal liability protection to companies exchanging cyber threat data with government agencies.

February 25

Anti-SLAPP Bill Approved by New Jersey Assembly
The bill (A-3505) would address the problem of “SLAPP” lawsuits (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) brought against individuals who speak out about public issues. The intention of the plaintiffs who file these suits is not to win, but to stop defendants from voicing their criticism.

February 24

TSA’s PreCheck Expansion Stalled over Privacy Concerns
Efforts to expand TSA’s PreCheck advanced air passenger screening initiative hit a snag after it was revealed that private companies would be responsible for determining who poses security threats to the traveling public.

“What happened to me already had a chilling effect on whistleblowers”
Because of the case against him, former NSA official Thomas Drake says other intelligence officers will remain silent about abuse within their agencies when they should be blowing the whistle.

February 23

Young and Loud: A New Wave of Activism
“A lot of people talk about the civil rights movement as if it was this thing that happened in the past, that we were there and now we are past it, but I think that the issues being exposed by this movement show we are not past it and that this sort of level of resistance is still extremely necessary.”

Is Releasing 2,000 Animals from a Mink Farm an Act of Terrorism?
A law enacted during the George W. Bush administration that calls protests against animal treatment “terrorism” is being used to prosecute two men who released about 2,000 minks from an Illinois breeding operation.

February 20

Then & Now: Photos of Activism Through the Years
Many of the same issues recent protests have raised are comparable to those fought by vocal activists during the peak of the civil rights fight in the 1960s and years following.

Non-violent ‘Terrorism’?
The AETA intimidates and discourages animal rights activists, even those with no intention of breaking the law – first, by painting them as terrorists,  and second, by the lack of clear protection for animal-rights-related free speech.

Google Opposes Expansion of FBI Spy Powers
The technology giant says a DOJ proposal that would grant judges more leeway in how they can approve search warrants for electronic data is a threat to the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable government search and seizures..

February 18

Over 300 Peoples’ Prosecutions Might Be Tossed Out
As the investigation into the improper and possibly illegal conduct of a federal prosecutor and ATF agent continues, a U.S. Attorney released the names of an additional 340 people whose criminal prosecutions may have been tainted.

CIA Whistleblower: Prosecute Officials Responsible for Torture
“But what really bothers me, is that there is no prosecution of CIA officers who obviously violated the law; those CIA officers who were conducting interrogations in which prisoners were killed,” former CIA agent John Kiriakou said.

Is the Department of Homeland Security Necessary?
Instead of solving the coordination problems it was supposed to solve, DHS simply duplicates efforts already happening in other federal departments. And attempts to control and distinguish the department have politicized it to the point where it can’t function smoothly — and might be threatening national security.

February 17

Privacy Guidelines Issued for Government Drones
Civil libertarians and many in Congress have long worried that the use of drones by government agencies could lead to mission creep, with data collected incidentally for one purpose — say wildlife tracking, agricultural mapping or a search-and-rescue mission — being used for unrelated law-enforcement purposes.

Freedom of Press Index: US Trails El Salvador and Burkina Faso
The US sunk to 49th place in the Press Freedom Index for 2014. Reporters Without Borders justified their decision on the basis of the US government’s continued witch-hunting of whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden and the wanton attacks on journalists by riot police during the violent crackdown of protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

February 13

Today’s Civil Disobedience Continues MLK’s Legacy
Why protest to raise awareness? As King explained in his 1963 letter, nonviolent action “seeks so to dramatize the issue that it can no longer be ignored.” He wrote that such actions are necessary both to create a crisis and to foster tension that will force communities to confront the issue at hand.

Shut Down the Patriot Act’s Section 215!
Bulk collection of Americans’ phone call metadata is not effective in identifying terrorist plots or terrorists.

February 11

The Whole Haystack
Since 9/11, the NSA has used the Patriot Act to take in records from hundreds of billions of domestic phone calls. But is that the best way to catch a terrorist?

Massachusetts Law Enforcement Group Claims Exemption from Public Records Law
A 501(c)(3) created and funded by public police agencies is arguing that it is exempt from public records law, even though it deploys public police officers and SWAT teams with the power to detain, arrest, threaten, and kill.

February 10

FBI Monitored Activities of Black Writers for Decades
Literary luminaries such as Ralph Ellison, Lorraine Hansberry and Langston Hughes were scrutinized by law enforcement who became increasingly obsessed with ‘revolutionary’ black authors and their possible political effects.

Kiriakou: “I Would Do It All Again” to Expose Torture
In 2007, Kiriakou became the first CIA official to publicly confirm and detail the agency’s use of waterboarding. In January 2013, he was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison.

Is Big Brother Here for Good?
Edward Snowden’s revelations of NSA abuse have not resulted in any real reduction in NSA’s powers and that no consequences have befallen those responsible for the abuses.

February 6

Documentary Points the Camera at FBI’s Paid Informants
(T)ERROR, by filmmakers Lyric R. Cabral and David Felix Sutcliffe, is a rare close-up of a paid confidential informant, one of thousands who receive, in all, tens of millions of federal dollars each year.

FOIA Reform Bills Revived in Both Chambers of Congress
“There should be a presumption of openness in this country, and agencies should have to justify their actions when they want to withhold information from the American people.”

Wisconsin Legislators Mull AG-Gag Legislation
Not only does this bill virtually guarantee animal abuse will continue, it also threatens workers’ rights, consumer health, food safety, and the freedom of journalists, employees and the public at large to share information about something as fundamental as our food supply.

February 5

Shot by the Police in Albuquerque
In a city of five hundred and fifty thousand, the rate of fatal shootings by the Albuquerque police is eight times that of New York City. They are also facing scrutiny for covertly spying on protestors, insufficient training and hiring standards, and using military-style hardware courtesy of Uncle Sam.

February 4

Activists Prepare to Push Back Against NYPD Terror Unit
“Their training should be focused foremost on (the fact) that protest is lawful, protected activity. This is good activity that should be cherished and protected, not seen as something presumptively potentially criminal.”

NSA’s Director of Civil Liberties Renounces Secret Law
Rebecca Richards says that “cute” legal interpretations hurt the surveillance agency’s legitimacy with the public.

February 3

Did NSA Officials Who Looked Up Lovers’ Records Get Sanctioned?
The head of the Senate Judiciary Committee is renewing his call for AG Holder to explain whether or not any of the dozen people who used spying tools to track their spouses or others without authorization have been punished.

February 2

Big Brother Watches You Run Errands
Ubiquitous license plate readers are dangerous not only because the rise of automotive surveillance raises questions about privacy and presents opportunities for abuse, but also because it crept up on the public without an open debate about how to weigh its benefits against its costs.

January 30

What Is on the Horizon for Grand Jury Reform?
The decisions not to indict police in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Mo. and the Eric Brown chokehold case in New York have prompted various proposals to reform grand juries.

January 29

5 Ways the US Criminal Justice System Violates Human Rights
Human rights abuses are not relegated to Guantanamo or black sites in Syria, says Alexa Van Brunt, an attorney and professor at the MacArthur Justice Center.

How U.S. Foreign Policy Runs Under a Cloak of Secrecy
Over reliance on secret operations and a lack of accountability among senior defense officials come under scrutiny by Scott Horton, a human rights attorney.

Council of Europe: Mass Surveillance Doesn’t Stop Terrorism
Resources that might prevent attacks are diverted to mass surveillance, leaving potentially dangerous persons free to act, says a new report from Europe.

January 23

Opposition Growing to Washington’s Ag-gag Bill
“To model [the Washington bill] after the Idaho bill, which is wrapped up in court with a very strong decision from a federal judge saying it’s unconstitutional, makes it a curious template.”

January 22

New Report on Bulk Collection: No Magical Solution to Bad Policy
Bulk Collection of Signals Intelligence: Technical Options concludes that right now, there are no software-based techniques that could fully replace the bulk collection of data.

January 21

Police Radar Allows Law Enforcement to See Into Your Home
More than 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies use a type of radar, known as Range-R, that effectively lets officers peer through the walls of homes to determine whether anyone is inside.

President Promises to Release New Report on NSA Spying
“As promised, our intelligence agencies have worked hard, with the recommendations of privacy advocates, to increase transparency and build more safeguards against potential abuse,” Obama said during his SOTU speech.

January 15

Mass Surveillance Ineffective for Finding Terrorists
Surveillance of the entire population leads to the diversion of limited intelligence resources in pursuit of huge numbers of false leads. Terrorists are comparatively rare, so finding one is a needle in a haystack problem. You don’t make it easier by throwing more needleless hay on the stack.

January 14

Cybersecurity Doesn’t Have to Mean Sacrificing Privacy
Before we give the government more power to collect our private information, we should focus on common sense security measures, including educating users on cyber-hygiene and encouraging companies to adopt basic security best practices.

Audio: Civil Disobedience in the Internet Age
Author Molly Sauter says, “Networked technologies mean our opportunities for effective political activism have increased exponentially. Where activists once put their physical bodies on the line to fight for their causes, online activists can engage in digitally-based acts of civl disobedience from their keyboards.”

New Ruling on NYPD Mass Surveillance Program Sought
Lawyers representing a group of Muslims in a landmark case are hopeful of reversing a controversial decision in the district court, which would allow their clients to proceed with a challenge against the NYPD’s post-9/11 mass surveillance program.

January 13

Terror Attacks Shouldn’t Stall NSA Surveillance Reform
Absolute security and guaranteed prevention of these kinds of extreme acts is impossible. Mass surveillance cannot and will not move us any closer to that goal. Counter-intuitively, it actually makes us all less secure.

More Surveillance Won’t Protect Free Speech
Let us resist attempts to use this tragic moment as an opportunity to advance law enforcement surveillance powers. Freedom of speech can only thrive when we also have the right to privacy.

January 12

CISPA: The Awful Anti-Privacy Law
You thought Facebook’s privacy policy was bad? CISPA will allow government agencies to force companies to hand over your data.

Animal Activists Charged Under Utah’s Controversial ‘Ag-Gag’ Law
An attorney for the four activists from the Farm Animal Rights Movement says they were on a public road and took images of buildings, not animals or workers. He said the four were retracing the journey of pigs from the farm to a California slaughterhouse.

January 7

Writers Group: Surveillance Having a Chilling Effect
A new study released by PEN American Center suggests that journalists and other writers are more fearful than ever of speaking their minds—and concerns over government surveillance are a primary reason.

January 5

Guantanamo Remains Open 
You remember Guantanamo, don’t you? As a candidate in 2008, President Obama pledged to close it. But seven years later, 127 inmates remain, including 59 who are currently cleared for transfer.

December 31

NSA Details a Decade’s Worth of Privacy Violations
Covering NSA activities from mid-2001 to 2013, the heavily-redacted reports document possible abuses, including instances of employees emailing classified information to unauthorized recipients or issuing “overly broad or poorly constructed data queries that potentially targeted” Americans.

Revealed: The Encryption Tools Spies Can (and Can’t) Crack
Many commonly used services (Skype) and encryption tools are easy picking for NSA, but others like the Tor network and Truecrypt are described as “catastrophic” for the NSA and its partners, according to documents released by Ed Snowden.

December 23

Sony Hack Points to NSA’s Conflicting Roles
How could any CEO today feel comfortable turning to the NSA for help? That would mean sharing information with the snoops that would ultimately make it easier for them to parse the technology and later access the firm’s computers whenever they want.

December 22

Powerful Protest Photos of 2014
There wasn’t a corner of the planet untouched by protest this year, from the tear-gassed streets of Ferguson to the student camps of Hong Kong

December 18

Lawsuit Filed Over Stingray Surveillance
The First Amendment Coalition (FAC) has filed a lawsuit against the City of San Diego and the San Diego Police Department to obtain records about policies, rules and procedures they use for Stingray surveillance.

NSA’s Internet Surveillance Faces Constitutional Challenge
Six years after EFF filed a suit against the NSA’s internet surveillance operations for violating the Fourth Amendment, a federal court will hear arguments this week.

December 17

Tech Giants Join Microsoft’s Privacy Fight vs DOJ
Heavy Hitters like Apple, Amazon, AT&T, Cisco, and eBay all signed on to legal briefs urging a federal appeals court to throw out the Justice Department’s warrant to access Microsoft’s emails stored on overseas servers.

December 16

Congress’ Gift to Feds: Constitutional Spying on Americans
While everyone was focused on the torture report last week, Congress quickly passed the Intelligence Authorization Act for FY 2015, which allows for the “acquisition, retention, and dissemination” of your communications.

Thousands March in Washington to Protest Police Violence
“It’s not just black people, like I thought it would be. Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, everyone cares about this,” said a student from New Jersey. “We are making history.”

December 15

A Supply-Demand Curve for Privacy
The ACLU’s Jay Stanley looks at what is at stake when we consider policies that will or will not ensure greater amounts of privacy over various communications media.

December 11

Just Keep Fighting for What’s Right
Marches and “die-ins” took place in dozens of cities across America. Demonstrations raised the volume and slowed major arteries in Boston, Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Washington, Miami and elsewhere.

Outrage over Torture Report
“A gentleman’s club for psychopaths, sociopaths, lunatics, misfits” reports Pravda after the release detailing years of torture conducted by U.S. agents.

December 10

No Guarantee the US Won’t Torture Again
For “those of us who value honor, justice and the rule of law should demand that the officials and operatives who tortured people in our name answer for the harm they have inflicted. Until we do, there is no guarantee our country will never torture again.”

December 5

59 Years After Rosa Parks
A Second Civil Rights Movement can bring together millions of Americans in unison to protest the inequities that not only divide our society, but are creating deeper, possibly insurmountable rifts in our national fabric.

Auroragold: How the NSA Gets In Every Cell Phone
Newly released documents reveal the NSA’s plans to introduce security flaws into communications systems to give U.S. spies more access to people’s conversations. Through its Auroragold programs, the NSA collected information on about 70 percent of the world’s cellphone networks.

Bill to Ban FBI ‘Backdoors’ Introduced by Wyden
“Strong encryption and sound computer security is the best way to keep Americans’ data safe from hackers and foreign threats. It is the best way to protect our constitutional rights at a time when a person’s whole life can often be found on his or her smartphone,” Sen. Wyden said.

Drone Campaign: Portrait of Failure
The presence of unmanned killing machines in foreign countries spreads terror and anger among otherwise peaceful communities, driving them into the arms of terrorist organizations.

December 4

FAA Isn’t Worried About Drones Invading Your Privacy
As more and more domestic drones take flight, more and more people are worried that these airborne cameras will be peeking in their windows and watching them drive around town. Yet the federal agency overseeing the growing industry apparently doesn’t think this is a pressing concern.

Chris Rock Explains Why Privacy Matters
Comedy is often funny because it flirts with the boundaries of social propriety and so it makes sense that even its masters need safe spaces to explore its possibilities. A society that loses those spaces is one that will be less dynamic, creative, progressive, and free.

December 2

Four Ways Obama Is Trying to Mend Police-Community Relations
Stopping short of curtailing the transfer of military-grade gear to local law enforcement authorities, President Obama announces new actions aimed at boosting accountability of local law enforcement and improving policing policies in minority communities.

December 1

Privacy Concerns Jeopardize US Firms Doing Business’ in Europe
Thanks to revelations about government spying, a revamped E.U. Safe Harbor framework, a 15-year-old agreement governing the exchange of personal data between EU and the U.S., still seems a long way off, threatening the ability of American companies to do business in Europe.

November 26

Is This All a Joke?
Rebecca Richards, the NSA’s civil liberties and privacy director, answered questions this week about the agency’s commitment to civil liberties.

The Consequences of Letting the Government Invade Your Privacy
Privacy infringements are usually the harbinger of additional civil rights violations. When we cede the right to privacy, or even remain silent when given a diminished version of it, we declare that it’s ok to treat some people as being less equal.

November 25

Bill to Cut off Water to the NSA Data Center Returns
Legislation to cut off the water to the massive NSA data center near Salt Lake City has been reintroduced in Utah. HB 161 wouldn’t immediately close the spigot, but would prohibit a renewal of the current contract which is due to expire in 2021.

November 24

Police, Privacy Advocates Clash over Cellphone Tracking
Developed for the military, the stringray mimics a cell tower to pin down the location of a phone to within a few feet. Because it is mobile, officers can drive around until they get a signal from the target phone.

Activists Ask for Action
A coalition of animal and civil rights groups that filed a lawsuit targeting Idaho’s new Agricultural Security Act have asked for a summary judgment. The plaintiffs argue the law violates their First Amendment free speech rights as well as the 14th Amendment equal protection clause.

November 21

Undercover Federal Agents Not Limited to FBI
The federal government has significantly expanded undercover operations in recent years, with officers from at least 40 agencies posing political protesters, journalists and even doctors or ministers, according to the New York Times.

Civil Liberties Advocates Vow to Fight On
Despite the Senate’s failure to pass legislation that would reign in NSA surveillance this term, lawmakers and advocates say they will continue the fight in the next congressional session.

November 19

Senate Blocks Bill that would Curb NSA Surveillance
Legislation to keep most Americans’ phone records out of government hands was defeated in the Senate today, dooming for now prospects of national security reforms that supporters said would protect the privacy of law-abiding citizens.

November 13

New Polls Find Public Increasingly Wary of NSA Snooping
One of the most notable findings in the study is that those who have heard the most about government surveillance are more privacy-sensitive across an array of questions in the survey

November 12

How the FBI Nabs Non-Terrorists for Lying in Terror Cases
The little-known interrogation tricks behind the feds’ so-called victories in the “war on terror”

How Much Money Do Fusion Centers Receive from FEMA?
“To date, FEMA has not been able to accurately account for and report on the amount of funds it has provided to [fusion] centers,” according to a new GAO report

November 6

Webinar: The Constitutional Implications of Ebola
At this forum, a panel of experts will raise questions not only about how to contain the disease, but also to what extent Americans value their healthcare privacy, civil liberties, and civil rights.

The CIA And NSA Not Upset over Mark Udall’s Loss
With Udall’s departure, civil liberties organizations are losing one of their most critical allies on Capitol Hill. Udall has consistently broken with his own party leadership to criticize the White House’s leading spy agencies.

Michael Brown’s Parents: Son’s Death is a Human Rights Violation
The slain teen’s parents will speak before the UN’s Committee Against Torture in Geneva later this month to unite governments around the world against the human rights violations that result from racial profiling and police violence.

November 5

When Is Congress Going to Rein In FBI Surveillance?
If the public knew “the number of backdoor searches the FBI performed in the course of ordinary criminal investigations, it could understand how these spying programs are actually being used–and Americans would be surprised.”

Animal Activists Have New Way to Report Abuse
To counteract the chilling effect of “ag gag” laws, the Humane Society has launched a hotline for reporting neglect and cruelty at factory farms, livestock auctions and slaughterhouses.

November 3

NSA Phone Surveillance Faces Fresh Court Test
More than a year after Edward Snowden’s disclosures, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday will weigh the government’s bulk collection of U.S. phone records. The case is poised to have far-reaching implications for digital privacy and could appear before the Supreme Court as soon as next year.

October 31

Boo! These Police Tactics Are Threatening Your Civil Liberties
From militarization to asset forfeiture, cops across the country are dodging the Constitution. But people shouldn’t have to surrender either privacy or due process as the price of safe streets.

Nice Idea, Wrong Bill
USA FREEDOM Act would end the government’s bulk collection of domestic telephone metadata, but it does so only in accordance with the government’s bizarre definition of this term and at a very steep price, H.L. Pohlman, professor of political science at Dickinson College, says.

FBI Demands New Powers to Hack Into Your Computer
“This is a giant step forward for the FBI’s operational capabilities, without any consideration of the policy implications. To be seeking these powers at a time of heightened international concern about US surveillance is an especially brazen and potentially dangerous move.”

October 30

A Keystone XL Activist Gets His Day in Court….Finally
Nearly a year and a half after the arrest of Alec Johnson, the 62-year-old who locked himself to an excavator sitting on a pipeline easement site for Keystone XL in Oklahoma, a jury finally heard his case.

October 29

Colorado Senate Race May Deal Major Blow to Civil Liberties
“When you actually list out the number of senators who work on pushing back, it’s a short list,” said Chris Anders, senior legislative counsel at ACLU. “There’s a tremendous amount of work to do. So if you lose one of those people, it’s a big loss. It’s a big loss for the country.”

October 28

EFF Reboots Surveillance Self-Defense
Check out EFF’s guide to defending yourself and your friends from digital surveillance by using encryption tools and developing appropriate privacy and security practices.

Free Speech in the Movies
Battles over speech restrictions and efforts to publish important news stories make for good movies not only because filmmakers have an interest in free expression, but also because these stories pit determined individuals against powerful forces.

October 27

Will Ebola Make Americans Surrender their Civil Liberties?
According to polling, anxiety makes people more supportive of government playing an expansive role in protecting them during a health crisis.

Citizenfour: What the War on Terror Actually Looks Like
Read an interview with Laura Poitras, the creator of the new documentary on Edward Snowden and mass surveillance, who explains why she is a dissenter.

October 23

Special Report: America’s Perpetual State of Emergency
The United States is in a perpetual state of national emergency.  Thirty separate emergencies, in fact. An emergency declared by President Jimmy Carter on the 10th day of the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979 remains in effect almost 35 years later.

October 21

How Edward Snowden Changed Journalism
It had been evident for some time before Snowden surfaced that best practices in investigative reporting and source protection needed to change, writes Steve Coll in the New Yorker.

Former CIA director Leon E. Panetta reportedly clashed with the CIA over his recently released memoir after he allowed his publisher to begin editing the book before he had received final clearance from the agency, apparently in violation of the CIA’s employee secrecy agreement.

October 20

ACLU Comment on FBI Director Comey’s Encryption Speech
“Whether the FBI calls it a front door or a backdoor, any effort by the FBI to weaken encryption leaves our highly personal information and our business information vulnerable to hacking by foreign governments and criminals.”

NSA and Companies Working Closer than You Think
The NSA has “undercover” spies working at or with some U.S. companies, according to newly disclosed documents obtained by the Intercept.

October 16

Nominations Open for Freedom of Expression Awards 2015
“The Index Freedom of Expression Awards is a chance for those whom others try to silence to have their voices heard. I encourage everyone, no matter where they are in the world, to nominate a free expression hero.”

Recurring Terrorist Nightmares
While the threat of terrorism is real, Harlan Ullman, Senior Advisor at Atlantic Council, says we cannot lose sight of protecting our values and civil liberties.

October 15

Epic Fail: Electronic Mass Surveillance
Electronic mass surveillance fails drastically in striking the correct balance between security and privacy that American officials and other proponents of surveillance insist they are maintaining, says new research.

UN Report: Mass Internet Surveillance is Corrosive to Privacy
The use of mass internet surveillance via Prism, Tempora and QUANTUM, “effectively does away with the right to privacy of communications on the internet altogether,” the report says.

October 14

She Exposed the FBI, Then Went Underground
The last of the eight activists who in 1971 broke into an FBI office, where they removed more than a thousand files on COINTELPRO, the bureau’s program to infiltrate and disrupt political groups, finally breaks her silence.

Law Targeting Cyber-Bullies Raises Civil Liberties Concerns
Efforts to combat online impersonators, in hopes of curbing cyber-bullying and harassment, are meeting resistance from civil liberties groups that worry about squelching satire and dissent protected by the First Amendment.

October 10

NSA: Even the Secrets We Tell You Are Too Secret For You To Know About
The agency claimed in response to a FOIA request that it could not give out a list of programs that it had previously decided were safe for the media to report on, “because its disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.”

October 8

NSA’s Civil Liberties Report Light on Details
“I can’t seem to find the part of the NSA Civil Liberties and Privacy Office report that slams the NSA for violating our civil liberties,” tweeted Chris Soghoian of the ACLU.

NIST Developing IT tools to Protect Individual Privacy, Civil Liberties
The agency is developing technical standards, guidelines and best practices to protect individual privacy and civil liberties  – tools that will be used by NIST, federal agencies and eventually the private sector.

October 7

Industry hides Animal Cruelty Instead of Ending It
If the meat and dairy industries are so concerned about people taking photos of their practices, perhaps the answer is to start improving those practices rather than trying to silence potential whistleblowers by treating them like domestic terrorists.

If Police Can Access to Your Smartphone, Who Else Can Too?
The same security measures that make it hard for police to get into electronic devices also deters other – be they foreign governments, business rivals or creepy guys looking to steal your photos and post them on the Internet.

Are FBI Surveillance Letters Constitutional?
A federal appeals court will consider whether “national security letters,” a linchpin of the federal domestic surveillance program, infringe on free speech rights.

September 26

Fearmongering NSA Reform
“In times of war, there is always a temptation to barter with Americans’ freedoms. But more surveillance does not translate into more security. In this era of perpetual war, we should be extra cautious about signing away our rights in exchange for hollow promises of enhanced safety.”

FBI in talks with Apple, Google Over Device Encryption
FBI officials are pushing both companies to change their policies in order to allow law enforcement officials to access data.

September 24

Bill Would Give Civil Liberties Oversight Board More Power
The Strengthening Privacy, Oversight and Transparency (SPOT) Act would expand the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) to cover issues beyond its current purview of counterterrorism. It would also make the board’s five members full-time and allow them to issue subpoenas without having to go through the Justice Department.

September 23

Apple Throws Down Privacy Gauntlet
Apple made big news last week by announcing that they are no longer able to extract data from iOS devices for law enforcement agencies. The message from Apple is clear: they don’t like being in the surveillance business.

September 22

Terrorization of Dissent
Will Potter’s new book examines how the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act threatens the right to protest.Not just for animal rights activists, this book is for all social movements who want to better prepare themselves for the backlash of taking on powerful corporate interests.

How a few Google Searches Can Get You a Visit from the Terror Squad
What happened says one mother is that her son’s reading habits combined with her search for a pressure cooker and her spouse’s search for a backpack set off some kind of alarm at the joint terrorism task force headquarters.

September 19

Mummers Parade Makes Fusion Center “Special Events” List
Check out the list of “special events” the New Jersey Fusion Center distributed to law enforcement throughout state.

Snowden: NSA Shared Americans’ Private Communications with Israel
According to New York Times reporter James Bamford, the shared intelligence included information about Palestinian-Americans sexual orientations, infidelities, money problems, family medical conditions and other private matters that could be used to coerce them into becoming collaborators.

September 17

Businesses and Your Civil Liberties
“Ultimately government spies and corporate spies converge …The global panopticon, as former CIA officer Philip Agee would say, is a “logical, necessary manifestations of a ruling class’s determination to retain power and privilege.””

September 16

FBI’s Facial Recognition Program is Now Fully Operational
The FBI’s Next Generation Identification System, a biometric database which contains over 100 million individual records, links a person’s fingerprints, palm prints, iris scans and facial-recognition data with personal information like their home address, legal status and other potentially compromising details.

Snowden Leaks Didn’t Make Al Qaeda Change Tactics
A private security firm that examined the online security behavior of jihadi groups found no evidence that the Snowden leaks caused them to fundamentally change their encryption methodology.