COVID-19 Liberty Watch


Vigilance in the Midst of Crisis

The United States, along with the rest of the world, is in the midst of a deadly pandemic. As a result, state and local governments are taking extraordinary measures to prevent the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus otherwise known as COVID-19. Defending Rights & Dissent has been working with community organizations across the country to make sure necessary these actions taken in the name of public health  don’t inadvertently lead to increased over-policing, or worse (We’ve prepared resources for like-minded groups that can be found here).

This moment we’re living in can present challenging questions for civil libertarians and those who are concerned about over-policing. Stay-at-home orders – as well as other drastic governmental measures taken to combat COVID-19 – in the midst of this pandemic can be a necessary public health measure. But how do we make sure that these extraordinary measures during a crisis don’t infringe on our civil liberties or lead to increased policing, particularly in our most marginalized communities?