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Manning Files Appeal

by Sue Udry UPDDATE 4/15/2014:  On April 14, Major General Jeffrey Buchanan denied Manning’s clemency bid, uphoding her 35-year prison sentence.  Her request will now go to the army court of criminal appeals. Last week, Chelesa Manning’s trial attorney, David

Chelsea Manning faces new charges, indefinite solitary confinement, related to suicide attempt

U.S government has systematically abused imprisoned whistleblower, continues to deny access to gender related health care

Never Forget, Chelsea Manning is a Prisoner of Conscience

Chelsea Manning is back in the news again: now the US military is attempting to punish her–by forcing her to spend potentially decades in solitary confinement–for attempting to take her own life.

Over 115,00 People Tell the Army to Drop New Charges Against Chelsea Manning

Pentagon Papers whistleblower Dan Ellsberg declares that “Chelsea Manning is a hero of mine” and labels the new charges “sadistic”.

BREAKING: Prison Disciplinary Board Punish Chelsea Manning With Solitary Confinement for Charges Related to Suicide Attempt

A prison disciplinary board has decided to punish imprisoned transparency advocate Chelsea Manning with 14 days of solitary confinement (with 7 days suspended) for charges directly related to her suicide attempt in July, and possession of an unmarked book in her cell. The decision is the latest example of the U.S. government’s campaign of harassment and mistreatment of Chelsea, who has been incarcerated in all-male military facilities for 6 years.

Manning in Prison, Snowden in Exile, Petraeus in…the Next Presidential Cabinet?

The juxtaposition of Petraeus with whistleblowers like Jeffrey Sterling, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and John Kiriakou illustrates a massive double standard: if you leak information for the public good then you are a traitor, but if you leak information out of pure negligence from a position of power then you can be the next secretary of state.

Chelsea Manning Reportedly on President Obama’s “Short List” for Commutation

NBC News is reporting that Chelsea Manning, who has served 7 years of a 35 year sentence, is on President Obama’s “short list” for commutation.

Take Action to Free Chelsea Manning Now!

Last week it was leaked that Chelsea Manning is on President Obama’s shortlist for commutations. There are less than three days left until Obama leaves office. Time could not be more of the essence for Chelsea Manning.

Victory! Chelsea Manning to Go Free!

Chelsea Manning is going to come home. And we could not be more happy

DRAD, Joined by Chelsea Manning and Defend J20 Resistance, Delivers Nearly 180,000 Petitions Demanding J20 Charges Be Dropped

A day after the petitions were delivered, we learned that the trial, set to start April 17, had been delayed again.  

Statement on Chelsea Manning’s Grand Jury Subpoena

Defending Rights & Dissent stands with Chelsea Manning as she resists a grand jury subpoena. Last week, it was announced that a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia has subpoenaed Manning to appear before it. Manning has vowed to fight it, has obtained counsel, and has filed a motion to quash the subpoena.

Chelsea Manning Resists

Supporters of Chelsea Manning braved a chilly morning to gather outside the US District Courthouse for the Eastern District of Virginia. Manning was subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury, but has vowed to fight the subpoena

Statement on the US Government’s Latest Jailing of Chelsea Manning

Manning is a whistleblower, a truth teller, and a hero. Yet, for making the American people aware of crimes committed by their government in their name the US government has repeatedly persecuted her.

Defending Rights & Dissent Demands Chelsea Manning’s Release From Solitary Confinement

On March 26, 2018 Defending Rights & Dissent sent a letter to the Alexandria Sheriff demanding Chelsea Manning be released from solitary confinement.

Chelsea Manning is Back in Court. Tell the Government to #LeaveChelseaAlone

Today, Chelsea Manning is being hauled before a grand jury. Again. We urgently need you to take action and tell the US Attorney’s Office (USAO) for the Eastern District of Virginia to Leave Chelsea Alone!