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Join the grassroots movement to fulfill the promise of the Bill of Rights for everyone. Together, we can make police and intelligence agencies accountable to we the people whom they serve. It’s time to convert your concern and outrage into political action. Let’s do this.

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  • In Light of Recent Massacre of Palestinian Protesters, It’s Time for US Police to End Exchanges of Worst Practices With Human Rights Abusers

    Although Defending Rights & Dissent is a domestic civil liberties, we recognize the threat allowing police departments to train with known human rights abusers. US police are frequently criticized for acting like an occupying army. Training with an actual occupying army will only further this mindset amongst law enforcement.

  • Extraordinary: FBI Tried to Trick Apple Into Breaking Its Own Encryption

    Phone Encryption

    Officials from the Department of Justice and the FBI, with the blessing of the White House, have been holding meetings with security experts to develop backdoors that would give law enforcement uninterrupted access to encrypted data.

  • Prosecution’s Anonymous FBI Expert in J20 Trial is Another Attempt to Demonize Protesters and Journalists

    The Department of Justice’s continuing felony prosecutions stemming from an anti-capitalist, anti-fascist protest during Trump’s inauguration has taken yet another bizarre turn. Earlier this month Assistant US Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff indicated her intent to call as an expert witness, an FBI agent who infiltrated social movements, such as Occupy Wall Street, to opine on “black bloc tactics.” The government has also requested that the witness testify publicly under an alias. They cite as cause for concern about the “safety and security” of the FBI agent the fact that journalists and other observers (including the author of this piece) reported on public testimony during the last trial.

  • We Stand With Noor Salman

    The Justice for Muslims Collective has organized a growing coalition of justice groups standing in solidarity with Noor Salman and demanding an end to the prosecution against her.

  • Demanding Transparency About Police Use of Surveillance Technology


    It seems that every week brings news of another local police department adopting another new technology to monitor our words, movement, or relationships online and off.