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Join the grassroots movement to fulfill the promise of the Bill of Rights for everyone. Together, we can make police and intelligence agencies accountable to we the people whom they serve. It’s time to convert your concern and outrage into political action. Let’s do this.

Dissent NewsWire


  • Statement on the US Government’s Latest Jailing of Chelsea Manning

    Manning is a whistleblower, a truth teller, and a hero. Yet, for making the American people aware of crimes committed by their government in their name the US government has repeatedly persecuted her.

  • Two New DHS Domestic Spying Scandals Revealed

    Both Immigrations and Custom Enforcement (ICE) and Custom and Border Patrol (CBP) are engaged in monitoring and tracking First Amendment protected activity.Monitoring of political speech is inherently chilling. It is also outside the jurisdiction of both ICE and CBP.

  • El Paso Hunger Strike Enters it’s 10th Week

    The hunger strike in the El Paso Service Processing Center has entered it’s tenth week. The strike continues despite cruel abuse of the protesters, and even after two of the #ElPaso9 hunger strikers were deported last Thursday.

  • Why Democrats Should Not Reauthorize Section 215

    NSA sign

    More than five years have passed since the public became aware of the damning extent of mass surveillance that is conducted against innocent people in the United States pursuant to Section 215. Despite broad public outrage and several Congressional attempts to meaningfully reform Section 215, mass surveillance of innocent people continues.

  • Breaking: The NSA is no longer using the phone metadata program. It’s time for Congress to end it once and for all.

    For years we’ve said that the NSA’s mass surveillance program that collects our phone metadata under Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act is unconstitutional, unnecessary, and should be ended. Now it seems that the NSA agrees with us (at least on those last two points).