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December 10, 2021

DRAD Statement on Assange Extradition Appeal Ruling

Today, on International Human Rights Day – and as the Biden Administration hosts a “Summit for Democracy” – the United Kingdom High Court has reversed an earlier judge’s decision from January 2021 and granted the United States’ extradition request for
December 8, 2021

House Rules Committee Blocks Historic Effort to Reform the Espionage Act

Last week, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) offered an amendment to the Protecting Our Democracy Act containing vital protections for national security whistleblowers. If passed Rep. Tlaib’s amendment would have made crucial reforms to the Espionage Act including  Forcing prosecutors to
December 8, 2021

DRAD Joins NCAC in Rebuking Book Censorship In Schools

Across the country, there have been organized political attacks on books in schools. These ongoing attempts to purge schools of books represent a partisan threat not only to our children’s education, but to our democracy overall. That’s why Defending Rights
December 2, 2021

Fred Hampton: We Still Need Justice

Fifty-two years ago today, the Chicago Police murdered Illinois Black Panther Chair Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. In a raid orchestrated by the FBI, Chicago Police stormed the Black Panther officer at 4:00 AM. Not only did they fire first,
November 24, 2021

From Outrage to Action: Twenty Years of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Twenty years ago, George W. Bush signed the PATRIOT Act into law.  And twenty years ago, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee was born. The law ripped the Fourth Amendment to shreds by expanding government surveillance powers, impaled the First
November 23, 2021

Arkansas Paper Stands Up for the First Amendment – Despite the Cost

Almost every state in the country has considered legislation designed to restrict the right to participate in a boycott. The motivation behind these bills is no secret: it is to undermine the BDS movement – a campaign launched by Palestinian
November 11, 2021

DRAD Joins National Letter Rebuking NY Plan to Transfer Women & Trans from Rikers to Upstate Prisons

On Wednesday, Defending Rights & Dissent joined with leading national LGBTQI and women’s advocacy organizations including the National Women’s Law Center, Transgender Law Center, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and the New York Transgender Advocacy Group urging New York Governor
October 29, 2021

Reactions & Analysis of the Julian Assange Extradition Appeal

The Julian Assange extradition appeal concluded in London on Thursday, October 29. Immediately following the proceedings, Defending Rights & Dissent brought together some of the best journalists covering the proceedings this week to offer their reactions and analysis, including DRAD
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Last month, during a conversation about the #Assange extradition case, our panel underscored the sheer hypocrisy of European leaders to support Alexei Navalny's cause in Russia but ignore (or worse) the case of #JulianAssange in the UK.

Recently, for @RightsDissent's @primaryXsources I interviewed @GuantanamoAndy and @CliveSSmith about the US's Guantanamo Bay Prison. It was in the context of discussing WikiLeaks' disclosures, but there's good info in the interview about Gitmo broadly.

Twenty-Nine National Faith Groups Call on Congress and President Biden to Close the Prison at Guantanamo Bay

Today is the 20 yr anniversary of the prison at #GuantanamoBay.

Nearly 800 Muslim men & boys have been detained @ #Gitmo over the last 20 yrs. Almost none of them had anything to do w the 9/11 attacks. 39 prisoners remain @ Gitmo today. Most have still not been charged w a crime


Kudos to our former Board Member @cberlet. We value him and his work.

(note to @theprogressive the term "extremism" is whitewashing... a term the FBI uses to hide its war on progressives and radical leftists. Chip's work was/is fighting rightwing racists and fascists)

The Progressive@theprogressive

Author, educator, and activist @cberlet has charted a course of principled opposition to bigotry and extremism. Read @eleanorjbader1's interview with Berlet here.

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