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Join the grassroots movement to fulfill the promise of the Bill of Rights for everyone. Together, we can make police and intelligence agencies accountable to we the people whom they serve. It’s time to convert your concern and outrage into political action. Let’s do this.

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  • Know Your Rights: When the FBI Knocks

    archival poster "don't talk to the FBI

    The FBI is investigating the car attack against anti-racist activists in Charlottesville, VA, and has been reaching out to counterprotesters who were there, to conduct interviews ostensibly about the car attack.

  • After the Murderous Attack in Charlottesville, It is Time For Lawmakers to Reject Bills Protecting Those Who Run Over Protesters Once and For All

    People protesting

    Lawmakers who push bills removing liability for “accidentally” running over political protesters do so with a wink and a nudge. Responding to a nonexistent problem, these bills are about communicating a murderous disdain for political protests. While given the seriousn nature of the charges against Heather Heyer’s murderer, it is unlikely that bill protecting those who unintentionally run over protesters would have offered him much protection. It is also impossible to deny what message singling out those who injure or kill protesters for special protections sends.

  • Too Close to Home

    armed militia in camoflage

    The benefits of protest are not always obvious. Demonstrations are not persuasive in and of themselves, but they encourage discussion and introspection.  In the market place of ideas, they open the door for change and help define and protect civic space.

  • Jeff Sessions Wants to Know if You Visited an Anti-Trump Website

    sticker at construction site in DC says "resist Trump" with Disrupt J20 website

    In a terrifying move, the DOJ has served a warrant on web hosting platform DreamHost demanding the IP addresses of all 1.3 million people who visited, the information hub for Inauguration Day protests.

  • Statement on Rasmea Odeh’s Departure From The United States

    Rasmea Odeh

    We are deeply saddened to see Rasmea leave and are angered by the circumstances under which she departs. Rasmea has worked tirelessly as a community organizer. Even the last few months, she has continued to fight for social justice, acting as one of the organizers of the March 8 International Women’s Strike.