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Join the grassroots movement to fulfill the promise of the Bill of Rights for everyone. Together, we can make police and intelligence agencies accountable to we the people whom they serve. It’s time to convert your concern and outrage into political action. Let’s do this.

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  • It’s Bill of Rights Day. Celebrate. Mobilize. Remember.

    Seventy-six years ago, President Franklin Roosevelt designated December 15 to be “a day of mobilization for freedom and for human rights, a day of remembrance of the democratic and peaceful action by which these rights were gained, a day of reassessmen… [Read More]

  • Prosecutor Tells Jurors In Trump Inauguration Protest He’s Sick of the Chant “Whose Streets? Our Streets!” And That He Assumes They Are Too

    The first of the closing arguments in the trial of Trump Inauguration protesters took place on December 14, 2017. Closing for the government, Assistant U.S. Attorney Rizwan Qureshi put the government’s bizarre legal theories and claims on full display

  • New Paper Sounds the Alarm on Trump Administration Attacks on Federal Data and Civil Rights

    WASHINGTON – The federal government’s collection, reporting, and protection of accurate, comprehensive data is central to implementing, monitoring, and evaluating civil rights laws and policies. But the Trump administration is taking steps that undermi… [Read More]

  • Berkeley Stop Urban Shield Update

    Stop Urban Shield activists in Berkeley have been busy. They took aim at Urban Shield (a highly militarized police war games and weapons expo) in two different venues this week. On Wednesday night, the Berkeley Police Review Commission (PRC) voted 4 to 2 to cease the city’s participation in Urban Shield, and activists who had been brutalized by Berkeley Police while demonstrating against the program filed suit against the city.

  • Judge Throws Out “Inciting A Riot” Charges, Upholds Remaining Charges In J20 Case

    “The dismissal of the felony charge is a tremendous victory for the six defendants, their attorneys, and the activists who have mobilized to support them. We, nonetheless, are deeply disturbed by the failure to dismiss the other seven charges, including five counts of property damage, conspiracy to riot, and engaging in ariot. In her ruling, Judge Leibovitz endorsed some of the most disturbing arguments of the prosecution.”


  • Over 150 Groups Ask Congress to Save the Internet

    More than 150 organizations including DRAD, and encompassing a broad swath of civil society representing a diverse group of consumer, media, technology, library, arts, civil liberties, and civil rights advocates, artists, and musicians sent a letter today to Congressional leaders asking them to step in to protect Net Neutrality.

  • 50K People Tell DOJ to Drop J20 Charges

    Defending Rights & Dissent was joined by allies Free Press, Demand Progress, DropJ20, and the ACLU of DC in delivering over 50,000 signature to the US Attorney’s Office calling on the Department of Justice to end its prosecution of protesters arrested on Inauguration Day in Washington, DC.

  • Take Action to Save The Internet

    Internet Closed Due to Threat of Free Speech

    It was popular mobilization that made the FCC adopt Net Neutrality in the first place, so popular mobilization can defeat the corporate backed-assault on our free internet. If the FCC does vote against a free and open internet, we’ll need Congress to take action.

  • Nation’s Leading Press Freedom and Civil Liberties Groups Call on FCC to Abandon Its Attack on Net Neutrality

    Woman holding sign "Democracy requires equal access to information for all"

    DRAD joined more than 30 press freedom, civil liberties and open government groups today to urge Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to cancel the scheduled Dec. 14 vote to undermine the open-internet protections put in place in 2015.

  • Defending Rights & Dissent Opposes Kenneth Marcus’ Nomination to Department of Education Civil Rights Post

    US Capitol

    Marcus’ interest in civil rights seems limited to advancing unusual legal theories to silence opinions on Palestine-Israel he disagrees with. As the DOE’s Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Marcus would endanger the First Amendment and civil rights, his nomination should be rejected.